Furman Adds Local IP Control to BlueBOLT

The new BlueBOLT CV-2 interface upgrades IP control to enable energy management features in installations not connected to the cloud.

Furman, the leader in power protection and management solutions, today announced the introduction of the BlueBOLT CV-2, a new interface enabling energy management features of the Furman F1500-UPS and select Panamax PRO products to be managed from the local network without requiring a cloud connection. The introduction was made at Furman-Gefen Booth #4955 at InfoComm 2017.

The BlueBOLT remote energy management cloud has long been enabling integrators to remotely monitor, reboot and power-cycle connected equipment. The CV-2 extends this functionality to devices on networks that do not have a cloud connection. “For many commercial installations, a cloud connection is either impractical or not recommended for security reasons,” said Core Brands VP of Product Management, Mike Jordan. “The new CV-2 gives these installations the BlueBOLT scheduling and management control, but accessed locally through a set of embedded web pages.”

The BlueBOLT CV-2 is designed to deliver locally controlled BlueBOLT functionality to the Furman F1500 Uninterruptible Power Supply and Voltage Regulator, as well as for the Panamax M4315-PRO, M4320-PRO and F1500-UPS. Cloud connection is only needed for set up, after which all control can be managed from the embedded web pages.

Shipping this summer, the BlueBOLT CV-2 will be demonstrated in the Furman-Gefen Booth #4955 at InfoComm 2017.

For a hi-res image, click here.