Full-Scale Commercial Flight Simulator in Mexico Relies on Furman to Protect its Tech from Power Surges

According to Mexico City resident René Saldaña, power surges are extremely common in the area. Unfortunately, spikes in electricity can disrupt or damage the technology that is connected to power outlets when a surge strikes. Saldaña is especially concerned because he relies on the city’s electricity to power his commercial flight simulator business- From the Cockpit– which features a life-size Airbus 320 cockpit replica complete with projectors, screens and cameras that simulate an in-flight experience for aspiring pilots.

To ensure that power spikes and surges will not damage his $500,000 investment in flight simulation technology, Saldaña called on local integrator Alejandro Celis of Representaciones De Audio to design the most reliable power surge protection system possible. With extensive experience in power protection integration, Celis chose Furman to get the job done. “It is so important to protect high-end technology with power conditioning,” Celis asserted. “In Mexico, we lack proper regulation of electricity. A power surge can happen at a moment’s notice, and if the flight simulator technology breaks and needs to be replaced, it would be a huge financial setback.” 

From the Cockpit trains up-and-coming pilots for positions with mainstream commercial airlines before they continue their education with real flight experience. The program teaches students how to take off, fly and land by vividly simulating city-to-city routes. To manipulate factors like flight time and climate, Saldaña uses a system based on two pre-programmed servers. The servers feed into three Epson projectors to create the “view” on the windshield, three Samsung screens to replicate in-flight computer monitors that display crucial information, and two Nest Cam Security cameras that film the entire training session. “If I want to fly from Los Angeles to Las Vegas in a rainy and humid climate, I can pre-select that program and replicate the conditions impeccably,” Saldaña explained. “This is the most life-like and vivid flight training program there is!”

To make sure that the flight simulator system is power protected, Celis installed a Furman F1500 UPS to operate in the event of a surge or an outage. “This product is the perfect solution for this application for many reasons,” Celis said. “The Furman F1500 UPS’s Extreme Voltage Shutdown (EVS) protects the equipment from sustained overvoltage conditions, and the 1500VA Battery Backup maintains critical data and enables a safe shutdown in the event of a power outage. It guarantees that the flight simulator will remain protected, no matter what the situation is.”

Additionally, Celis installed three Furman SS-6B Six Outlet Power Strips to protect each Epson projector. “To provide noise isolation between the isolated outlet banks, I included a Furman M8-AV-PRO. This helps the system to remain protected and function perfectly,” he added. 

According to Saldaña, the system has been operating seamlessly and the team hasn’t experienced any issues with the city’s unstable power supply. They are so impressed with Furman’s performance that they plan on expanding the system with BlueBOLT remote power management functionality to better understand and manage power inputs and outputs.

“Anyone can purchase top-of-the line equipment, but the reality is that the weakest link in a system is often the electricity supply,” Celis said. “Even though power conditioning seems like an optional element in an A/V installation, it’s crucial. It guarantees that the system will be healthy and functioning without issue.”

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