Experience the Latest Amazing Home Technologies at the Great Big Home and Garden Show

For the next 10 days, Cleveland-area residents can experience the latest in advanced home technologies by walking through Xtend Technologies’ fully-constructed High Tech Entertainment Home at the Great Big Home and Garden Show at Cleveland’s I-X Center. With a professional-grade home theater, an outdoor movie theater and full automation of the home’s lighting, heating/cooling, door locks, security and in-ground pool, the home gives show guests the chance to try everything that is possible in a modern hi-tech home.

According to Xtend Technologies President Tony Fabrick, “In our fifth year at the show, we are going all-out and showcasing the latest and greatest home technologies including 4K TVs and projectors, power reclining movie theater seats, a top-of-the-line Dolby Atmos theater sound system, an outdoor home theater with surround sound, and the ELAN g! Control System that lets you control everything in the home from a touch panel or a mobile device. For any homeowner or homebuyer, walking through this home is an incredible opportunity to get new ideas and try out the best home technologies available today.”

Spanning about 1,500 square feet, this home demonstrates an amazing amount of technology in a relatively small space. The team at Xtend Technologies built the entire home in just five weeks inside the I-X Center, complete with an in-ground pool designed and installed by Cleveland Aqua Pros. The Xtend team will be giving demonstrations all week, and show guests can walk through the home to try out the controls for themselves. If you want to see how it would really be to live with a fully integrated smart home, this is your best chance all year.

“What we love about this home show is that people of all ages and purchasing power can come through and get all kinds of ideas for their new homes or remodels,” Fabrick said. “Whether the buyer is looking for advanced security, simple control of TVs, music, lighting and heating, or something as simple as electronic door locks, our High Tech Entertainment Home will show them all the possibilities.”

Highlights of the home include a 150-inch outdoor movie screen, a multi-room audio system that extends outdoors, an indoor spa, the latest 4K TVs and projectors, a custom-built fiber optic Starfield ceiling, acoustical paneling that allows any room to achieve theater-quality sound, and simple control of every system through the ELAN system.

“The Starfield ceiling is the show-stealer, and the ELAN system is what ties everything together in the home. No matter how complex or sophisticated the home technology is, ELAN lets you control it all from a simple app on any mobile phone or tablet, or an ELAN remote or in-wall touch panel,” Fabrick added. “We’re excited to show people how easy it can be to change their home life to something much more fun and manageable. It’s very freeing to know that your security, surveillance, pool, door locks and heating/cooling are all preset and can run without your input, or you can easily change any setting from anywhere in the world on your smartphone. We want people to walk away knowing that if you can dream it, we can do it.”

“We are excited to support Extend Technologies in this awesome showcase home and to help them develop market awareness and business opportunities in their market,” said Joe Lautner, Core Brands Director of Business Development. “At Core Brands we have great programs to support our dealers in promoting home entertainment and control solutions and the business opportunities they generate.”

The show opens on Friday, February 6 and runs until Sunday, February 15, and is open to guests of all ages. Visitors can get show hours, directions and discount tickets online atwww.greatbighomeandgarden.com

High resolution images are available upon request.