ELAN Redefines Intercom with Away-From-Home Functionality

ELAN Intercom, now available through ELAN Software 7.2 and above, enhances any ELAN control system with a sophisticated audio/video communication platform that enables remote paging and door station monitoring.

ELAN, from leading automation, entertainment and control technology manufacturer Core Brands, today announced the EMEA debut of the new ELAN Intercom. Enabled in ELAN Software 7.2 and above, the breakthrough new Intercom function allows users to link separate ELAN systems, including those running on different networks across multiple locations – enabling families and homeowners to be more connected than ever. The announcement was made at ISE 2016, Core Brands Stand 1-N53 at the RAI Convention Center in Amsterdam.

Available now and already winning rave reviews from homeowners and dealers alike, ELAN Intercom allows users to make point-to-point calls globally, to any interface across any linked system. For intercom zones that share the same network, users can “page” to group-communicate with all intercom zones on the network.

“The interconnectivity of separate ELAN systems across different locations provides home and business owners with an ease of communication that was previously unavailable on the market,” said Core Brands Control Products Manager, Robert Ridenour. “A family with multiple residences can communicate through their ELAN system across separate homes, while a business owner can use ELAN Intercom to communicate with employees across multiple locations from virtually anywhere in the world.”

ELAN Software 7.2 and 7.3 automatically refreshes compatible ELAN control interfaces – touch panels, remotes, and the ELAN g! mobile app – with the ELAN Intercom functionality, and seamlessly integrates with the property’s controlled A/V technology. This provides homeowners with an instant unified audio/video intercom system that is globally accessible.

“Unlike hardware-based intercom systems, the ELAN system’s new software-based feature utilizes the A/V infrastructure already established in our customers’ property,” Core Brands Software Product Manager, Tom McKeon explained. “The ELAN Intercom supports virtually unlimited zones, and can share speakers with a multi-room audio and video system, with the home or business’s current televisions and IP cameras. It also integrates with third party door stations for audio/video monitoring, enabling communication with visitors at their door with from any ELAN interface, whether it’s wall-mounted, wireless or mobile.”

True to ELAN’s mission, the ELAN g! mobile app puts intercom control at the users’ fingertips. From a mobile phone or tablet anywhere in the world, the g! mobile app allows users to answer pages and calls from any point in the network, monitor third party door station audio and video, and control locks—all without incurring a remote access fee. Additionally, push notifications alert mobile device users of incoming intercom communications while a “Do Not Disturb” setting silences the intercom feature for users who do not wish to be interrupted.

What’s more, the ELAN control system’s on-screen display (OSD) interface doubles as a one-way audio/video receiver for pages and doorbell chimes. Using powerful event maps, ELAN-controlled systems can activate displays to show the appropriate IP camera feeds and play chimes through multi-room audio systems when a doorbell is pressed on SIP-enabled third party audio and video door stations, or if a page is initiated from an intercom station.

“Beyond convenience, the new Intercom feature also has safety benefits,” emphasized McKeon. “ELAN is highly customizable, allowing users to use their televisions or computers, in addition to any ELAN touch panel interface or mobile device, to monitor who’s at the door without having to answer it in the conventional way. It offers convenient communication with a built-in security component.”

For more information, visit Core Brands Stand 1-N53 at the RAI Convention Center in Amsterdam from February 9-12.