ELAN Intelligent Automation Provides Remote Monitoring and Smart Home Control for Magnificent Vacation Home in Cyprus

Integrator Steve Itoje of Link It Solutions Ltd used the robust, innovative capabilities of ELAN intelligent control to enhance a beautiful home on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, delivering the owner reliable, easy-to-use control and automation that’s accessible from anywhere in the world via the ELAN mobile app. The owner wanted the home’s security, entry gate, lights, TV and music integrated so he could monitor and control it quickly and conveniently with a smart device, whether at the Cyprus property or home in London.

“After outfitting his London home with a highly customized smart home system, our client knew that a fully integrated home automation system and upgrade would make managing his second property a lot easier,” Itoje said. “It was vital to provide real-time remote access and viewing of security, surveillance and gate control through the ELAN app. The additional lifestyle benefits inside the home deliver a simple, relaxing environment where lights, music and TV are all connected and easily controlled through a carefully selected assortment of touchscreens and remotes.”

A total of nine IP cameras ensure complete surveillance coverage of the property, which can be instantly viewed on any TV in the home or through the ELAN app from anywhere in the world. A gate entry system provides enhanced security and notifications when visitors arrive, and a Doorbird video doorbell system at the front door allows the owner to see who is there on any ELAN interface, and communicates through the ELAN system’s intercom function.

Because it’s a second property, the owner also wanted the home to be easy-to-use, from automated lighting schedules that react to sunrise and sunset to one-button scenes that turn lights on or off for an entire level. A Rako lighting system manages 39 lighting circuits, with 29 inside and 10 outside.  A “welcome home” button makes arrival much more congenial by turning all ground floor lights on, while an “away” mode guarantees all lights and AV equipment are off when the owner leaves. When it’s time to enjoy a movie or TV show, the custom “movie” mode dims all lamps to 30 percent, dims all LEDs to 50 percent and turns off ceiling spotlights.

“Connecting the home’s various systems through ELAN opens opportunities to save time and effort with multi-function macros that require just one button to activate,” Itoje said. “This way, the owner can do a lot more a lot faster, and it doesn’t take any special knowledge or training to do so.”

The home features eight distinct audio zones and four 4K TVs that can each play content from Sky TV boxes, Apple TV boxes and the CCTV surveillance cameras. Audio distribution is managed by an ELAN S1616A multi-zone audio controller. Niles CM7BG in-ceiling speakers provide multi-room audio, with multiple outdoor zones for the gazebo and pool area completing the ambiance, thereby allowing the homeowner to enjoy their favorite music anywhere. Two-way audio from the TVs and content sources allows any audio to be played throughout the entire home, if desired. The home even includes an Aquavision TV in the bathroom, offering full access to video and music from the comfort of the bathtub.

A variety of control interfaces, including two wall-mounted ELAN TP7 touchpanels, three ELAN HR200 TV-focused remote controls and the ELAN mobile app, make every function of the system ultra-easy to use.

“Since every ELAN input device has an identical interface, it’s easy for the owner to monitor their home no matter what device they use,” Itoje added. “If he wants to see who is at the door or review security footage, the process takes just a few taps and is the same whether he’s on his smartphone in London or using a wall panel inside the Cyprus home.”

Digital security and privacy were also top concerns, so Link It Solutions installed an enterprise-grade firewall to shield the home from internet-based threats. A VPN is configured for secure remote access to the CCTV feeds, and strategically placed WiFi access points offer seamless coverage throughout the entire property.

“For a second home like the Cyprus getaway, the powerful ELAN system is the ideal choice to provide peace of mind and simple operation with remote accessibility,” Itoje said.
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