ELAN Automates All Facets of Stunning Sarasota, Florida Home

Over the last half-century, most new home appliances have shared the same goal: to save time and simplify home life. From dishwashers to single-serve coffee makers, menial tasks are now largely handled by machines. Today, as one couple recently discovered in Sarasota, Florida, the ELAN® home automation system can integrate home technologies to offer a simplicity of living that was once unimaginable.

“This was the client’s first smart house, and their main objective was to create a living environment that is intuitive and able to learn their routines and adjusts settings automatically, with little interaction required,” said Mark Van den Broek, owner of Sarasota-based SmartHouse Integration. “Through the ELAN system, we developed schedules for the home’s lighting, climate and music systems, so the owners hardly ever need to flip a light switch, set a thermostat or change a music source. It is truly automated to their lifestyle and daily schedules — it doesn’t get much easier than that.”

In the evening, the lush, tropical central courtyard lights up, the LED lights in the fountain and the ‘living wall’ waterfall turn on, and reggae music plays to set a relaxing mood. All of this requires zero action by the homeowners. Then when it’s time for the kids to study, their study room lights turn on. When it’s bedtime, the master suite lights activate, and the main floor slowly dims to dark. Climate settings are also scheduled to adjust throughout the day, guaranteeing that the home is always comfortable and ready.

“And there are major benefits beyond the scheduling,” Van den Broek asserted. “For instance, if the security system is set to ‘away’ mode at night and some motion outside breaks the system’s virtual trip lines, the upstairs lights turn on, then the stairway lights turn on, then the lights on the affected side of the house turn on. It gives a true appearance of an occupied home. Any security events during the daytime trigger an email that’s sent to the owner instantly.”

In addition to virtual trip lines and email alerts, the security system uses ELAN IP cameras to monitor and record the home’s exterior. Even the driveway gate is connected and controllable through the ELAN system, with easy access through the ELAN mobile app on any device. Door stations provide video and audio at each entrance, which can be viewed on any ELAN device. Inside the home, ELAN in-wall touch panels and ELAN remotes provide always-on, instant control – especially handy for audio and video functions.

The audio and video are simplified as well, with all content centralized and accessed through the ELAN interface. That means the family can play their favorite music or TV in any connected room with easy control from any control device, anywhere in the home. The ELAN 12-channel amplifier and an ELAN S1616A multi-zone audio controller deliver audio to SpeakerCraft AIM in-ceiling speakers. Video is also distributed from the central equipment rack, using an ELAN GMV88 UltraMatrix HDMI switcher.

“Centralizing control is crucial to this family,” Van den Broek added. “In a home this beautiful and carefully designed, it was absolutely necessary that no wires or boxes clutter the living space. With ELAN we created an invisible smart home solution that completely changes how the family interacts with the home, but doesn’t intrude on the ambiance or decor.”

In addition to the lighting, security, climate and media controls, the ELAN system also integrates with the pool controls, motorized window shades, intercoms, detection for carbon monoxide, smoke, heat or water leaks, and outdoor motorized lanai screens. The pool monitoring system automatically sends an email to the pool cleaner when service is required. The homeowners never even have to think about it.

The brain of the system is the ELAN gSC10 controller, which, like all the central rack equipment, is protected by a BlueBOLT-enabled Panamax® power conditioner that ensures clean, reliable performance of all equipment, plus protection from power surges. Luxul® networking equipment provides reliable house-wide WiFi, while ELAN integrates the Lutron HomeWorks® system for lighting and window shade automation.

The smart home system is Flagship-certified with a 5-year warranty on all ELAN and related Nortek Security & Control products. “This incredible home needed an equally incredible technology solution, and we delivered that with ELAN,” Van den Broek concluded. “With ELAN’s ability to add new functionality, and the extra fiber optic wiring we installed to all TV and network access points, this is a future-proof smart home that will dazzle the owners and guests for years to come.”

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