Earn Drone/UAV Pilot Training Certificates From Home — Thanks to Unmanned Vehicle University’s Four-Week Programv

If you’re interested in becoming certified to pilot or operate an unmanned aerial vehicle, or drone, but can’t take the time away from a full time job to do so, you now have a way to do both — thanks to Unmanned Vehicle University’s (www.uxvuniversity.com) two week Drone/UAV Pilot Training Certificate Program. UVU is showcasing all of the certification opportunities at Unmanned Systems 2015 in the Georgia World Congress Center at booth #1508. 

According to John Minor, Provost of the Phoenix, Arizona-based university, which is the only university in the world licensed to offer graduate degree programs in Unmanned Systems Engineering, students can take the three-phase Drone/UAV Pilot Training Certificate Program from home without jeopardizing their current full-time jobs. “Now you can prepare for a lifetime career as a drone pilot without having to quit your current job to do so,” Minor said today. Minor further emphasized, “It’s been estimated that the rapid adoption of drones in a wide variety of commercial markets is going to create more than 100,000 jobs and have an $82-billion economic impact over the next ten years — but to have a career in this exciting new industry you have to be certified to operate a drone safely and effectively.” 

No college degree or prior experience is required to participate in the university’s program.  The Drone/UAV Pilot Training Program consists of three phases.  Phases one and two are conducted at home using a flight simulator and taking online academics.  Phase three is conducted by one of the university’s expert flight instructors at one of the university’s flight schools located around the country.  At the end of the program, successful students will receive the university’s UAV Pilot Certificate showing they have completed 10 hours of simulator training, 16 hours of ground school, and 16 hours of flight training for a total of 42 hours of comprehensive operator training.  

“Once students complete the enrollment process, they are assigned log-in instructions for the ground school and we ship a simulator to their residence,” Minor explained. “The entire program can be completed in a little over two weeks, with two weeks of home study and two days of intensive flight training.”

Once students have earned their Pilot/Operators Certificate they can get started on a life-long career that offers positions paying as much as $275,000 per-year in a wide variety of commercial markets that include Delivery and fulfillment, Logistics, Security and Law Enforcement, First Responders, Wildfire Management, Search and Rescue, News Gathering, Photography, Film and Television Production, Oil, Gas and Mineral Exploration, Disaster Relief, Live Event Production, Agriculture, and Real Estate.  And these just top the list of an ever-growing number of commercial markets. “As FAA regulations become finalized, and they will, you are going to see drones incorporated into just about every industry known to man,” Minor asserted.  “Drones reduce risk, save money, and dramatically increase the productivity of every field they are used in.”

The cost of Unmanned Vehicle University’s Drone/UAV Pilot Training Certificate Program is $3,500.  In addition, if you take one of Unmanned Vehicle University’s seminars held around the country, you will also get a free drone. For more information, visit UVU at Unmanned Systems 2015 in the Georgia World Congress Center at booth #1508, or contact Josh Roetzer at +1 (716) 866-2827 or jroetzer@uxvuniversity.com.