Drones and Drone Video Systems Help Broadcasters Compete with Today’s Generation of Individual News Gatherers

Underscoring the enormous impact consumer technology and lifestyles are having on the broadcast industry, Stampede President & COO Kevin Kelly today challenged broadcasters to embrace drones and Drone Video Systems as the ‘selfie’ tool of modern electronic news gathering that will help them to remain relevant with today’s mobile-centric consumer news gatherers. Stampede will be hosting its Drone Pavilion at NAB 2017 at Booth C3356DP within the show’s Aerial Robotics and Drone Pavilion in the Las Vegas Convention Center (April 24-27, 2017).

“As in every other aspect of modern life, broadcasters are being challenged by consumer technology and trends to keep pace with what consumers already experience daily in their personal lives,” Kelly said. “Today, every consumer is a news gatherer. They intersect with the day’s events, capture them on their cell phone, and share them with the world through social media.  If broadcasters hope to remain relevant in this new world, they have to be able to meet the consumer demand for ‘birds-eye’ view video documentation of an event as the event is unfolding.  If they don’t they will increasingly become irrelevant to consumers as a source of breaking news, ceding that role to social media platforms.”

Drones and, more specifically, Drone Video Systems offer broadcasters the ability to meet this consumer demand for immediate birds-eye video information of a breaking news story — and it does so in a way that is faster, more cost-effective, and safer than any previous solution, Kelly emphasized. “Many broadcasters are already saving money by using drones and DVS solutions in situations they they previously had to rely on costly helicopters to capture aerial shots. More broadcasters need to do the same if they are to remain competitive,” he said. 

The regulatory atmosphere in the US continues to stabilize, Kelly explained, and there is now a clear path forward for the widespread adoption of drones in ENG applications.  Stampede can provide the industry with a fully implementable solution, complete with a wide variety of drones, Drone Video Systems, add-ons, and all of the training and support needed to remain current with the technology, policies, and procedures of drone and DVS operations.

Stampede works with a wide range of drone vendors that are transforming the space, including DJI, 3DR, Yuneec, AEE, and Walkera to DraganFly, XFly, Aeroflight, and Aerialtronics. In addition, Stampede works with best in class Add-ons such as Amimon and Trackimo, along with Command & Control software makers like SmartC2, VideoBank, and Vidyo. Stampede also partners with Unmanned Vehicle University and UASolutions Group to provide world-class training and aviation related consulting services.

“Stampede will be showing a complete path forward at NAB 2017,” Kelly promised. “We will be showcasing the largest range of drone and DVS offerings along with a complete sessions of training seminars and presentations focused on specific applications.”