“Do’s and Don’ts” of Insurance Coverage Demystified by Take1 Insurance at Pollstar Live! 2016 Roundtable on February 12, 2016

Live event producers, tour sound managers, concert promoters, touring musicians, and literally anyone involved in the staging and production of a live event who has ever wondered why their insurance coverage always seems to provoke more questions than answers, will have an opportunity to learn how to ‘demystify’ insurance at Pollstar Live! 2016 next month at a roundtable hosted by Take1 Insurance, the entertainment industry’s leading insurance solutions provider.

The roundtable, entitled “Worry About This, Not That, When Dealing With Your Insurance Vendor,” will be held at the San Francisco Marriott Marquis Hotel on Friday, February 12, 2016 from 9:30AM—10:45AM in Nob Hill Room A-D.  “Having the right insurance coverage for a live event of any kind is a critical component of that live event’s success,” said Scott Carroll, Executive Vice President & Program Director of Take1 Insurance. “Ensuring that the right coverage is in place does not have to be a complicated or a long drawn out affair. Our Pollstar Live 2016 roundtable is going to demystify insurance, outline the ‘do’s and don’ts’ as well as the ‘ins and outs’ of setting up the right insurance coverage for everyone involved in the production and staging of a live event.”

According to Carroll, the roundtable will address a number of questions that Take1 frequently encounters from prospective clients, such as: How is it that I get hit with a rate increase years after a claim is paid and my insurance company tells me that it’s related to my loss ratio? What is a loss ratio, and why should I care about that? Why shouldn’t I be shopping my insurance every year? Why do carrier’s tout their claims service but then loathe when they have to pay a claim? Are there practical things I can do to help my underwriter understand my business better and will that effort pay off?  

“This roundtable will feature insurance veterans from the broker community who are experts at demystifying the mysterious world of insurance underwriting. Attendees will be able to listen to their peers share their experiences,” Carroll said. “I am convinced that attendees will learn something they should be doing when dealing with their insurance vendors, and better yet, they will learn what not to do.”   

The roundtable will be lead by Take1 Insurance’s Scott Carroll and Marcus Paxton. Scott has over 30 years of insurance industry experience.  Since 2008, he has been managing and building the entertainment division of US Risk, known as Take1 Insurance, a Managing General Agency, focused exclusively on underwriting risks specific to the entertainment industry, with a focused concentration on LIVE productions. Today, Take1 Insurance is a recognized leader throughout the LIVE insurance community and as an insurance expert for event service related insureds who support the LIVE entertainment community. Scott is a tireless advocate for safety and promoting safe best practices at all LIVE events.

Marcus Paxton, is a Vice President Underwriter and Broker with Take1 Insurance, who brings over 18 years of professional experience in the insurance industry. Previous to joining Take1 Insurance in February of 2014, Marcus spent ten years at the Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company (Allianz), where he held executive and underwriting roles in the High Net Worth Personal Lines and Commercial Entertainment Division. Prior to this he served for eight years as an Underwriter at Atlantic Mutual Companies.