DIRTT Environmental Solutions Installs Embedded NanoLumens 1.8MM NanoSlim Engage Into Chicago’s Green Learning Center

This installation launches a strategic alliance between NanoLumens and DIRTT to bring fine-pitch LED displays to the corporate interior design market.

The traditional LCD video wall that has been the mainstay of the corporate interior design market is about to become a thing of the past — thanks to a new initiative launched by DIRTT Environmental Solutions, a leading provider of highly customized pre-fabricated interiors, and NanoLumens, the industry-leading manufacturer and marketer of indoor and outdoor LED displays. The two companies today announced that DIRTT’s Green Learning Center (GLC) in Chicago, Illinois, now features the first NanoSlim Engage 1.8MM ‘digital wallpaper’ display embedded into a DIRTT-designed wall.

“DIRTT is committed to going beyond the conventional when it comes to offering their corporate clients interior design solutions that combine cutting edge technology with cost-effective, easy-to-install and maintain interiors,” explained Dan Rossborough, NanoLumens Director of Strategic Projects.  “They knew that, from a visual perspective, the era of LCD video walls was over.  The future belongs to fine pitch LED solutions, if a way could be found to integrate them into DIRTT’s interior wall design.  NanoLumens provided the answer with its 1.8MM NanoSlim Engage display that eliminates all of the objections long associated with LCD video walls.”

According to DIRTT Technology Integration Team Member Bryan Sipes, those obstacles include glare, bezels, and unsightly trim between the physical wall and the video wall. “The NanoLumens design and engineering team showed us how to cost-effectively integrate fine pitch LED displays into our wall design, providing us with a major new benefit that we can present to our corporate clientele who want the very best solution for their work environment,” he said. “In addition, NanoLumens stands behind their solution with the very best, no excuses warranty we’ve ever seen.”

The new 12.5-foot by 6.3-foot seamless NanoSlim Engage display now occupies a space where a 2-foot by 4-foot LCD video wall matrix previously was positioned.

The GLC is used to hosting DIRTT events for current and prospective clients. The new NanoLumens solution offers a variety of options for the DIRTT team. “We can demo our proprietary ICE software, which is used to design interior spaces, for clients,” Sipes added. “We can also use the display to show PowerPoint presentations, marketing material through BrightSign, or even play music videos using AppleTV when we have parties in the showroom. It’s used for everything!” 

Because every NanoLumens solution is custom designed, one of the biggest values in working with DIRTT was that the physical wall could be made to natively house the NanoSlim Engage solution, making it flush and completely embedded into the wall. “We were able to design the wall specifically for the display using our ICE software,” Sipes continued. “When it arrived from our factory we had a perfectly tight opening for the NanoSlim Engage display, so it actually looks like it is part of the physical wall instead of a screen set inside. Additionally, the 1.8MM pixel pitch allows for close viewing without the image being pixelated, which was a huge benefit when we had 250 people in the showroom to watch the Belmont Stakes in June!”

The strategic alliance between DIRTT and NanoLumens is just beginning with the Chicago GLC installation. Bringing an entire new level of technology into the workplace, the companies are working to integrate fine-pitch LED solutions in additional GLCs around the world. “This relationship is really going to advance the notion for the design community, showing that digital wallpaper can be a commercial reality in any environment,” Rossborough concluded. “Together, NanoLumens and DIRTT have proven that you can make fine-pitch LED displays a practical solution when you really want to create a ‘wow’ factor in a work environment. We’re looking forward to continuing to work with DIRTT in the future.”

If you will be in the Chicago area and would like to tour the DIRTT Chicago GLC installation, please join the NanoLumens team during September’s Intelligent Construction Week. Hosted by DIRTT, please RSVP here for the September 14th event.