Dirac Research Enhances the Listening Experience of the All-New Xiaomi Mi 5c Smartphone Through Surge S1 SoC Integration

Dirac Research, the global leader in platform optimized sound enhancement technology, today announced that its revolutionary speaker optimization solution is now incorporated in the all-new Xiaomi Surge S1 SoC (System on Chip), which is featured in Xiaomi’s Mi 5c smartphone introduced in Beijing on February 28, 2017. According to Dirac’s General Manager – Mobile Erik Rudolphi, the incorporation of the Dirac technology into Surge S1 converts each new Xiaomi smartphone into a powerful entertainment center capable of delivering a premium listening experience.

“We are proud to have worked with the Xiaomi team to provide their customers with the very best possible listening experience with their next generation of smartphones,” Rudolphi said today. “We have been working as a strategic partner of Xiaomi since 2013 and the incorporation of our Dirac solution in the Surge S1 SoC chipset represents the next great step forward in a working relationship that has seen our technology adopted by the majority of Xiaomi smartphones and tablets since 2013. Together, Dirac and Xiaomi are taking the mobile listening experience to a higher level of quality and clarity with each passing year.”

According to Rudolphi, his team worked closely and communicated frequently with Xiaomi’s engineering team to ensure that Dirac’s sophisticated algorithms functioned efficiently and integrated properly with the all-new chipset. The new Surge S1 is incorporated into Xiaomi’s Mi 5c smartphone, which is expected to be available for purchase on March 3, 2017 in China.

Dirac Power Sound, the specific speaker optimization solution utilized in the Xiaomi Surge S1 chipset, delivers full-sized audio playback from even the tiniest of speakers. Features include a clearer, more natural sound with richer reproduction of sound details; a tighter, more powerful bass; loud and clear playback that retains its natural timbre even at higher volume levels; and improvements to overall sound quality.  

In addition to Xiaomi, Dirac’s suite of mobile solutions is also currently utilized by the world’s other top mobile device manufacturers – in addition to blue chip technology companies in the automobile and home theatre markets such as Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Volvo, BMW, Datasat, Harman, Pioneer, and many more. For more information on Dirac’s mobile solutions, click here. For hi-res Dirac photography, click here.