Dirac Research and OPPO Continue to Push the Boundaries of Mobile Audio with the All-New OPPO Find X

Dirac Research, the global leader in digital sound optimization technology, today announced that it has, once again, successfully collaborated with prominent Chinese smartphone maker OPPO with the launch of the all-new Find X. The integration of three Dirac solutions – Dirac HD Sound®, Dirac Power Sound® and Dirac Sensaround® – into the new OPPO Find X marks the latest step in a partnership between the two industry leaders that have remained committed to exploring the frontier of mobile sound for over 5 years.

“Our relationship with OPPO began in 2012 and, since then, we’ve consistently brought products to market that have raised the bar for the mobile listening experience,” said Erik Rudolphi, Dirac’s General Manager of Mobile. “As our first mobile customer, OPPO remains one of our most strategic partners in mobile, always willing to push the envelope when it comes to both smartphone audio and innovation in general. The Find X is visually stunning and is equipped with an equally brilliant audio system featuring clear, balanced and natural sound.”

The new Find X combines premium audio hardware with a suite of digital audio solutions from Dirac that includes the Dirac Power Sound speaker optimization solution, Dirac HD Sound earphone optimization solution, and Dirac Sensaround soundstage widening solution. Together, Find X customers are delivered with a pristine listening experience through both the smartphone’s speaker and its corresponding earphones.

Dirac and OPPO collaborated closely from the onset of the Find X project to develop a complete speaker system that involves not just the speaker, but also the speaker placement, speaker cabinet, amplifier and DSP to ensure that the space-efficient Find X has impressive sound quality. Dirac Power Sound is adopted to optimize the overall sound quality to a new level by improving the speaker’s frequency response and impulse response, enhancing its volume and optimizing the bass. The digital solution is specially developed for small loudspeakers like the one found in the OPPO Find X to bring out the full potential of small speakers, whose performance is constrained by its small transducer, inherent acoustic flaws and suboptimal placement.

OPPO Find X earphones are empowered by two Dirac solutions. Dirac HD Sound is an audio optimization solution that improves the performance of earphones by correcting their impulse and frequency responses, which play significant roles in determining the sound quality of any kind of speaker or earphones. With Dirac HD Sound enabled, users can enjoy improved musical staging, clarity, voice intelligibility, and bass fidelity when listening to music from OPPO earphones. The Dirac Sensaroundsoundstage widening solution is automatically applied when users play movies or videos from any headphones. The solution externalizes the sound and creates an immersive-like listening experience without requiring specifically-coded audio content.

“The Find X re-introduces our Find series of smartphone while simultaneously strengthens our partnership with Dirac Research,” stated an OPPO company representative. “We understand the importance of audio to our users and thus work hard to deliver them the best possible sound – a feature they’ve come to expect. Our over 5-year relationship with Dirac proves that bars can always be raised and expectations shattered, which we’ve demonstrated with mobile audio both continuously in the past and yet again today with our OPPO Find X.”

The Find X, OPPO’s first Find series smartphone since 2014’s Find 7, features an end-to-end 6-4-inch AMOLED display and a motorized slide-out compartment that houses its front-facing camera and earpiece, among other components. It also features a Snapdragon 845 chipset with an 2.8GHz8GB octa-core processor. OPPO officially introduced the Find X at a launch event at the Louvre Museum in Paris on June 19th and its first release is scheduled for August 2018.

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