Dirac Debuts Latest Version of Dirac 3D Audio™ at MWC1

Dirac 3D Audio enables an unparalleled level of 360-degree audio immersion on mobile devices, equipping users with a 3D audio experience for on-the-go gaming and video consumption.

Dirac Research, the Swedish pioneer of digitally optimized sound solutions, today announced the debut of its latest version of Dirac 3D Audio™ for mobile devices, headphones and VR/AR headsets at MWC19. Using patent-pending Dynamic HRTFs (head-related transfer functions), Dirac 3D Audio enables positional audio reproduction with one degree of resolution in all three dimensions. The newest Dirac 3D Audio solution is being showcased at MWC19 at Dirac Stand 2B64MR in Hall 2.

“As consumers increasingly use mobile devices for gaming and video streaming, the mobile experience must evolve to deliver 360-degree audio so immersive that users become engulfed in the content,” stated Lars Isaksson, Dirac’s General Manager of XR Audio. “With Dirac 3D Audio, games feel more realistic than ever before, as high-quality sound emanates from all directions just like in the real world. Players can therefore recognize distances and locations of characters and objects by sound alone. For videos with multichannel audio, Dirac 3D Audio provides a truly cinematic listening experience, where sound encompasses the space surrounding the viewer, putting him or her at the center of the action with a stunning sense of immersive realism.”

Dirac 3D Audio is the culmination of multiple engineering breakthroughs. Dirac’s patent-pending Dynamic HRTFs (head-related transfer functions) enable unparalleled positional accuracy and one-degree resolution in all three dimensions, ensuring realistic audio reproduction with minimum distortion and errors. The company’s proprietary 3D audio reverberation engine, built upon more than a decade of scientific breakthroughs in sound field synthesis, produces convincing sound externalization and a true sense of space.

The debuting 3D audio solution also leverages Dirac’s extensive experience designing energy-efficient sound solutions for leading mobile device manufacturers such as Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, OnePlus and Motorola. The solution has been recently adopted by Tritton’s all-new Kunai Pro gaming headphones for PCs.

According to Isaksson, the introduction of Dirac 3D Audio for the mobile market comes at an important moment in the evolution of mobile device media consumption, as the next generation of networking is poised to deliver content with unprecedented quality and speed.

“With the imminent launch of a 5G network that will enable enhanced real-time mobile gaming and multi-channel audio streaming, consumers will expect their latest smartphones to capitalize on the expanded audio capabilities,” Isaksson remarked. “Dirac 3D Audio allows OEMs to meet these consumer expectations by equipping their smartphones with the ability to deliver a completely unique and never-before-heard 5G aural experience.” 

Dirac 3D Audio is being demoed at MWC19 using a VR headset and a smartphone. To schedule an appointment or request more information, email dan@griffin360.com. For hi-res photography, click here.