Dirac and BYD Motors Team Up to Create a Premium Listening Experience for BYD’s New Han Series

Swedish digital audio pioneer Dirac and global automobile manufacturer BYD Motors, a leading producer of zero-emissions vehicles, today announced that BYD’s new Han series of vehicles will feature Dirac digital audio technology for a best-in-class in-car listening experience.

The BYD Han EV marks the debut of BYD’s Blade Battery technology for greater range and performance. The BYD Han DM features both a 2.0T engine, that boasts a maximum power of 192 horsepower – in addition to an electric motor with max power of 244 horsepower. The Han DM uses a ternary lithium battery with a capacity of 15.2kWh and a range of 81km in pure electric mode.

Add to both models superior, Dirac-powered audio quality and consumers now can enjoy a new level of automotive luxury in electric and hybrid cars.

“Electric and hybrid vehicles are inherently quieter than their internal combustion engine counterparts,” stated Lars Carlsson, Head of Business Development, Automotive, at Dirac. “As a result, poor audio quality cannot be masked by the loud roar of the engine; all is exposed in the near-silent electric and hybrid vehicle cabin. BYD understands this, which is why they’re equipping their new Han EV and DM series with a best-in-class listening experience that can fully be appreciated by drivers and passengers alike.”

All cars can be acoustically challenged. They have reflective surfaces, different seat positions, and often multiple speakers designed more to accommodate the car than the listener. The result can be unequal sound quality, audio interference, inferior bass, and other sonic flaws.

Dirac’s cutting-edge technology solves these problems by optimizing the impulse and frequency response of all speakers within a car’s sound system to improve audio precision and performance, and minimize sound quality variations from seat to seat.

High-end Han Series models will include the Dirac Premium solution, featuring Dirac’s leading frequency and time domain equalization, speaker and bass optimization, room correction, and other premium technologies for optimal listening at all seat positions.

Mid- and entry-level Han Series models will feature the Dirac Performance solution, which includes frequency domain equalization, speaker and bass optimization, room correction, and other features for achieving upgraded sound performance in a cost-efficient design.

Both Dirac Premium and Dirac Performance packages also come with the company’s center-image optimization and filter design tool to help correct and improve the in-car listening experience.

Drivers of next-generation Han cars and their passengers will hear the difference through the vehicles’ Dirac-branded speaker grills.

“Dirac high-fidelity audio technology elevates the entire listening experience of the Han Series, restoring the sound system’s acoustical elements to produce a completely clear, pristine and natural sound,” stated Mr. Yang Feng, Product Director of BYD Han model. “It reshapes the sound to surround and encompass each occupant, creating an entirely new way of listening to music in your car — like from the front row at a concert hall or symphony.”

Dirac and BYD Motors have been collaborating to enhance automotive audio since 2017. BYD’s Han, Qin Pro, Song Max, and Tang models – in addition to DENZA, a joint venture auto brand created by BYD and Daimler AG – have all adopted Dirac audio technology.

The new Dirac-enhanced BYD Han Series is currently launching in China, with plans for international distribution soon.

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