Daisy Rock Girl Guitars Returns to the Center Stage at NAMM 2017!

The industry’s most complete line of guitars designed to meet the needs of female players is re-introduced to the world by KMC Music.

Daisy Rock Girl Guitars and Tish Ciravolo are back at NAMM 2017 and today they took the center stage at the KMC booth as a total of 20 classic models in the all-girl guitar line-up were re-introduced to the world by KMC Music under an exclusive global distribution and licensing agreement.

“We’re back bigger and better than we have ever been before,” Ciravolo said today.  “Our new distribution and licensing agreement with JAM Industries and KMC Music is going to provide the Daisy Rock Girl Guitars brand with the kind of focused product development, sales, and marketing support the line deserves.  Now, females of every age and player level will be able to select a guitar model that is designed, engineered, and manufactured to meet the unique player requirements of women who need guitars that are lighter and thinner in profile.”

According to Ciravolo, Daisy Rock Girl Guitars look different because they are carefully designed by women for women and they take into account their unique physical characteristics. Daisy Rock guitars are designed to fit a woman’s hands and body type— while inspiring  them to play their best! “The beauty of a Daisy Rock is more than just skin deep. Daisy Rock guitars are built just for women,” she said.

Kicking off the 2017 return of the Daisy Rock Girl Guitar line, KMC Music today re-introduced 20 of the line’s most popular models, including the Wildwood Electric-Acoustic, Wildwood Short Scale Acoustic, Pixie Acoustic-Electric, Jr. Miss Short Scale Acoustic, Pixie Acoustic, Rock Candy Classic Electric, Stardust Retro-H, Bangles Signature Mode, Elite Venues Electric, and Rock Candy Bass series models. All Daisy Rock Guitars include a limited lifetime warranty, arrive set up, and are ready to play!

“We believe the consumer market for the Daisy Rock Girl Guitar line is large and growing by the year,” said KMC Music Vice President of Merchandising Roger Hart.  “Female players have their own playing requirements and the Daisy Rock Girl Guitar line is the only line that completely meets the needs of all female players at every player level.  For our dealers, this means they will be able to make specific model recommendations to a broad range of customers.  We’re stocked on all models and ready to ship on an immediate basis.”

As for Ciravolo, she’s looking forward to getting back up on the MI industry stage at NAMM and throughout the country.  “Daisy Rock Girl Guitars are now back bigger and better than ever before, thanks to the sales and marketing commitment of JAM and KMC Music!  I will be involved with every part of the brand’s marketing programs,” she promised today.  “I will be traveling the country in support of the re-launch and am available to do in-store events to help drive retail sales.”

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