Covid-19 Returning to Work Best Practices Guide Now Available to Insurance Agents from Take1 Insurance


Underscoring its commitment to provide insurance agents with every available resource to help their clients manage pandemic risks as they return to work, Take1 Insurance today announced the immediate availability of a comprehensive best practices guide developed by its parent company, U.S. Risk LLC.  The guide is available (here).


“The workplace we left two months ago is forever changed,” Take1 Executive Vice President & Program Director Scott Carroll said today.  “As we all begin the process of reopening our businesses, we need to do everything within our power to prepare the post Covid-19 workplace to manage the health and safety risks the virus has created.  We believe that “Returning to Work” will provide agents and their customers with the very specific steps they need to take to establish and maintain a safe and healthy work environment.”

According to Carroll, “Returning to Work” addresses a comprehensive series of sequential steps that are addressed in easily retained sections: Adapting the Workplace, Preparing the Workplace, Managing Behavior, and Looking Ahead, which provides much needed guidance on how to adapt the workplace in the future as medical advances develop.

“’Returning to Work’ is meant to be a guide that can serve agents and their clients for the foreseeable future,” Carroll emphasized.  “We are all in this together, so now, more than ever, we need to work together to establish a new sense of normalcy that is informed by science and future developments.”