Content to Take Center Stage in December 6 Webinar Co-Hosted by NanoLumens® and MaxMedia

NanoLumens®, award-winning creators of uniquely compelling interactive LED visualization solutions, today announced that it was teaming up with leading digital content provider MaxMedia to co-host a webinar on the importance of digital content in creating a complete LED visualization solution. The webinar, titled “Made You Look! The Secrets of Creating and Displaying Compelling Content,” will take place on December 6, 2017 from 1:00PM to 2:00PM. Registration is now open here.

“An LED display is a magical piece of technology, but it is only as good as the content it displays,” explained NanoLumens Director of Global Marketing Joe’ Lloyd. “The display is the platform through which information can be conveyed, emotions stirred, ideas stimulated, products and ideas marketed and sold. The challenge is to create the right content for each LED display installation and that is what we will explore together in this informative webinar co-hosted with MaxMedia.”

On the webinar, MaxMedia and NanoLumens will dive into the core concepts of good content. From the world-class technology to world-class paint, they will explain how the right display content can generate a high return on investment. The experts that brought the 1 Powell Street AT&T location to life will walk through the three fundamental steps involved in creating an effective LED solution: the building of a superlative display, the creation of exceptional content, and the establishment of where and how content should be seen.

MaxMedia is a digital retail experience agency dedicated to making today’s always-connected consumer love shopping a little more. Through strategic insight, beautifully crafted content, interactive solutions and continuous measurement, MaxMedia’s compelling storytelling converts shoppers into buyers.