Comhear Inc. Partners With Stampede and Exertis Pro AV Solutions to Expand the Global Distribution of its Award-Winning Audio Technologies

Stampede, the global leader in value added distribution that is now part of the DCC Technology Group, and sister division, Exertis Pro AV Solutions, today announced that they have been selected by Comhear Inc. to serve as the global distribution partners of its award-winning audio technologies. Moving forward, Stampede will serve as the distribution partner for Comhear Inc. in North America, Latin America and Asia and Exertis Pro AV Solutions will serve in the same capacity in the UK and Scandinavian Region.

“For years, San Diego-based Comhear, Inc. has been creating next generation audio technologies for consumer, enterprise and professional applications,” said Stampede President & CEO Kevin Kelly. “With the combined capabilities of Stampede and Exertis Pro AV Solutions, we’re able to offer Comhear Inc. a greater range of resources and support across the world. We look forward to working together as a team to further increase their global market reach.”

Comhear Inc. is an audio technology research and development company dedicated to bringing people closer together through pristine communication, and enhancing immersive entertainment with the physical sensation of sound that you can practically touch. The company’s products are powered by its patented, groundbreaking MyBeam™ beamforming technology and KAP™ enhancement software, which provide fully immersive, 3D-audio soundscapes. Their passion for healthy audio, combined with a deep understanding of how the brain processes sound, enables Comhear to develop products and solutions that adapt to your environment and transform the listening experience.

“Comhear has chosen Stampede and Exertis Pro AV Solutions to help expand our global distribution, giving more resellers in more vertical markets, easier access to our unique range of professional audio technologies,” said Gerry Chastelet, Comhear CEO. “We’re confident that the combined efforts of Stampede and their sister brand, Exertis Pro AV Solutions, will help us to achieve a new level of market success across the globe.”