ClearOne’s Recent Lower Cost MSRP Wireless Microphone Pricing is Expanding Market Adoption of Wireless Solutions

Recent MSRP pricing is 20% lower than previous pricing schedule!

Leveraging its ability to provide AV integrators with complete end-to-end system solutions that deliver the highest level of performance value, ClearOne® (NASDAQ: CLRO), the leading global provider of audio and visual communications solutions, said that its recent, lower cost Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) structure for its WS800 and DIALOG® 20 professional wireless microphones is making it easier than ever for integrators to convince customers to both upgrade their wired microphones with new, state of the art wireless products and help integrators to specify wireless microphones a standard component in many more new projects.

According to ClearOne Sales Director of Wireless Microphone Solutions, North and Central America John Nygren, the MSRP pricing structure is 20% lower than the previous pricing and it is designed to help system integrators provide their customers with the most complete conferencing and sound reinforcement solutions. “Every customer has a budget that they have to stay within,” he explained today. “All too often the budget is exhausted by the time the discussion turns to replacing wired microphones with wireless microphones, which are an increasingly important component of any complete, modern conferencing and collaboration system.”

“Our recently introduced pricing structure makes it possible for systems integrators to continue the conversation all the way through to wireless microphones,” Nygren stressed. “With this lower pricing structure, more projects can now include a professional AV installation wireless microphone system — and still remain within the customer’s budget. We are effectively creating a ‘win-win’ situation for the AV practitioners and the end user customers.”