ClearOne’s Pro AV Solution Keeps Israel Railways Ltd on Track!

Israel Railways Ltd.’s (ISR) CEO frequently holds critical internal management meetings and external meetings with Israeli government departments and authorities. Therefore, to enable its CEO to conduct efficient and productive business meetings from his office, ISR turned to ClearOne (NASDAQ: CLRO), a global market leader enabling conferencing, collaboration, and network streaming solutions, for an AV solution that would fully meet the unique requirements of the CEO and his meeting room.

“We needed to find a solution for the CEO’s office that delivered superior levels of audio and video quality which, at the same time, is intuitive and easy to use,” said Aric Ben-Zuk, VP of sales for DM Engineering, the Israeli creative technology solutions provider leading this integration. “A key requirement for ISR was that participants, regardless of their location, would be able to concentrate on the content of their meetings without having to worry about the underlying technology.”

Having an established relationship with ClearOne, DM Engineering confidently introduced the company’s AV solutions to Osher Wahnick, who is responsible for Infrastructure & Technology IT for ISR.

Together, DM Engineering and Wahnick deployed a complete ClearOne solution in the CEO’s meeting room that includes a CONVERGE® Pro 2 128T multi-channel microphone automixer, two BMA CT patented ceiling tile beamforming mic arrays, and the versatile professional grade UNITE® 200 PTZ camera.

“It was imperative that our CEO was pleased with the new installation and that everything worked perfectly and, it does!” said Wahnick.

After noticing a high degree of success with the performance of the ClearOne solution in the CEO’s office, ISR further expanded the deployment of ClearOne’s conferencing solution to cover seven classrooms at the ISR training facility. 

The seven classrooms are used to teach students the skills needed to fulfill roles associated with professions across the transport and railway sector. In each classroom, ISR installed a BMA 360 beamforming microphone array ceiling tile, CONVERGE® Pro 2 48V advanced microphone automixer and UNITE® 200 PTZ camera. ClearOne’s platform-agnostic approach provides a reliable connection allowing meeting participants to connect to any video platform of their choice. This connection has ensured that ISR’s students can quickly and easily join classes and successfully continue their education, regardless of their location. This has been especially important during COVID-19.

The excellent performance of the BMA CT and BMA 360 was an influential factor in the choice of ClearOne. Its discrete, yet sleek ceiling tile form was important in creating the ideal installation.

“ISR was looking for a very ‘clean and uncluttered’ look and feel for the CEO’s meeting room, which meant we needed to install mics that could be hidden from view,” explained Ben-Zuk. 

In addition to these installments, ISR has future plans to add a new location for a second training facility and will be looking to again deploy a ClearOne solution.

“My advice to any organization who is looking to deploy a robust and reliable AV solution that delivers the best audio and video quality is that before making a final decision, they should talk to DM Engineering and ClearOne!” emphasized Wahnick.