ClearOne’s CONVERGENCETM AV Network Manager Now Provides Greatly Expanded Multi-User Access

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ClearOne (NASDAQ:CLRO), today announces the latest update of the CONVERGENCE AV Network Manager software. The new update now has an organizational portal for multiple user accounts with support for up to 2048 combined devices and users. It also includes LDAP support and two levels of access — a secure administrator level for full access and a viewer level for monitoring with 256-bit encrypted device and user password management.

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CONVERGENCE software is a unified AV network management platform to monitor, control, and audit ClearOne Pro Audio and Video products and services. Remote real-time system access provides at-a-glance and all-inclusive dashboard views with unlimited scalability designed to support organizations of any size.

The solution provides a powerful and elegant user interface on any browser from desktop to mobile. Users can stay up to date with email status notifications and can search, sort, and filter to find what is needed quickly. Efficient batch firmware updates can be performed on multiple audio or video devices at once. Users can also download, back up, or restore project files simultaneously for multiple CONVERGE® Pro 2 and Huddle DSP mixers, as well as their P-Link peripherals.

The software also offers many other features, such as: provisioning CONVERGE Pro 2 VoIP lines and viewing VoIP registration status; configuring and managing COLLABORATE® Live room codecs and COLLABORATE Space user accounts; and downloading logs and reports for devices, users, histories, and calls.

CONVERGENCE supports integration with third-party management systems like IBM Cognos Analytics and Barco Overture via a RESTful web service interface. ClearOne’s AV network management platform is available in twelve languages. 

ClearOne will continue to introduce new feature updates so that CONVERGENCE remains one of the most powerful and feature-rich audio plus video management platform on the market.

For more details about CONVERGENCE, or to download the software, click here. For an image, click here.