ClearOne VIEW® Pro Delivers Custom Video Resolution, Scaling and Remote Monitoring at Volvo’s Manhattan Flagship Location

The new dealership, located on ‘Auto Row’ among other auto brand’s stores, uses the latest technologies to attract passersby and simplify operations. 

When Volvo bought space along New York City’s 11th Avenue “Auto Row”, where showrooms for major automobile manufacturers stretch from 40th Street to 60th Street, the goal was to build an attractive brand awareness center that stops passersby in their tracks. Featuring a huge 5×7 panel video wall, a virtual-reality vehicle design room, five zones of audio, a Swedish-design inspired coffee lounge, and an advanced ClearOne VIEW® Pro IP-based video delivery solution that enables custom video sizes and remote management, the Volvo storefront stands out among competing local showrooms.

According to Nick Ehr, owner of Florida-based electronics integration firm Broadcast Systems, Inc., Volvo knew the capabilities and aesthetic appeal they wanted, but beyond that, the decisions on equipment and system design were left to the professionals.

“Volvo wanted this space to represent the brand with truly captivating designs and an exciting environment, and today that requires integrating advanced AV technologies,” Ehr said. “Their most visible need was the 5’x7’ panel video wall which makes a huge statement because it can be seen from the sidewalk outside the storefront. Because a 5’x7’ design results in a non-standard aspect ratio and pixel count, we required a scalable, flexible video distribution system, and we knew ClearOne could deliver. The dynamic abilities of the ClearOne VIEW Pro solution made it the ideal choice, allowing for custom resolutions, content scaling, and splitting the video wall into any number of custom-sized frames, even across bezels.”

Another crucial requirement of the project was reliability and remote accessibility, particularly since the integration firm is located 2,000 miles from the job site. 

“During the 18-month project period we traveled to New York each month to attend meetings and ensure every detail was considered and every concern was addressed,” Ehr added. “We loaded the software on the server, so all the ClearOne pieces talk to the server. Now I can log into it remotely to check the temperature of all the displays, and if anything does get hot, the system immediately sends us an email. We can remotely update firmware, power cycle, adjust color temperature, add sources, and much more.”

The video distribution solution uses a single ClearOne VIEW Pro E120 Encoder to send signal to 35 ClearOne VIEW Pro D210 decoders, one for each panel on the 5×7 video wall. The ClearOne VIEW Pro PANORAMA software and CONSOLE software allow operators to manage displays of any shape, size or resolution, which is becoming more important as companies opt for custom LCD and LED video walls that don’t have standard pixel counts or aspect ratios.

The showroom’s General Manager, Nelson Guerrero, was open about the store focusing more on brand awareness than sales, specifically noting that exciting video content can extol the brand’s values – family, safety, technology, design – in a way that no static advertisement or vehicle showcase can match. He also cited the benefit of using advanced display solutions to reach today’s consumers, based on the overwhelming role digital displays now play in our daily lives. 

Broadcast Systems, Inc. also installed a special color management tool that allows the integrator to adjust the color temperature and image specifications for the video wall. The wide range of custom capabilities ensures every future need can be met with minimal labor or hardware changes. The ClearOne system also manages content for two additional flat screen HDTVs in the showroom.

“In the new world of endless display sizes and varieties, ClearOne delivers solutions that can be custom tailored to serve any need and satisfy any expectation,” said ClearOne Chair and CEO Zee Hakimoglu. “Integrators and end-users can trust ClearOne’s leading video distribution products to deliver the ultimate in video quality, reliability, expandability, worry-free operation, and remote access.”

The VIEW Pro line of IP-based multimedia streaming hardware offers any business of any size the opportunity to add HD video and multimedia distribution to their existing data infrastructure. The line’s advanced decoding and encoding algorithms eliminate the need for additional data lines and expensive construction, lowering the cost and install time for organizations looking to upgrade the digital media capabilities and quality of their office, retail location or public space.

With various rack-mount components, as well as the industry’s most compact decoding options, offering H.264 compression, 24-bit color, up to 1080p resolution at 60 FPS, ultra-low latency, video windowing and advanced content control, the VIEW Pro line is unmatched in scalability and maximizes the potential of any digital display network, whether in a new construction or renovation environment.

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