ClearOne to Debut DIALOG® 20 USB 2-Channel Wireless Microphone System Featuring Less Than Four Milliseconds of Audio Latency at ISE 2024

ClearOne, a global market leader in conferencing, collaboration, and network streaming solutions, today announced it will debut its new DIALOG® 20 USB microphone at ISE 2024 in Barcelona, Spain at Stand #2N150. The flexible, high quality 2-channel Wireless Microphone System features less than four milliseconds of audio latency that effectively enables hybrid meetings with local sound reinforcement.

The solution is ideal for hybrid meetings that require a dedicated presenter microphone and a shared audience microphone with simultaneous sound reinforcement, such as any type of hybrid training or presentation session. The DIALOG 20 USB works in spaces up to 2500 square feet. There are lower cost two-channel wireless microphones on the market, but they can’t effectively be used for local sound reinforcement either due to their high latency that causes a presenter to hear a delayed echo of their voice when the output from these low-cost systems is amplified into the local room, or due to low audio quality. The DIALOG 20 USB solves these problems due to its low-latency design and full bandwidth professional audio quality.

“Wireless microphones have become an essential tool for working professionals, trainers, and public speakers,” Graham said today. “Wireless systems provide the freedom of movement that today’s users require to effectively engage with their audiences. The new DIALOG 20 USB Wireless Microphone System is designed to meet the needs of these customers all while allowing ease of deployment.”

Featuring a complete range of Handheld, Boundary, and Gooseneck microphone options, as well as a Beltpack with Lanyard, Headset, or Lavalier mics, the DIALOG 20 USB is powered by robust, frequency-hopping spread-spectrum technology with no frequency license restrictions world-wide. A built-in auto-scan feature automatically finds open channels for optimal reception. Standards-based encryption ensures a secure link for wireless audio, and wide audio bandwidth provides superior speech clarity.

The DIALOG 20 USB wireless microphone is a breeze to set up. It connects to a PC via a single USB Type C cable for audio, power, and control, eliminating the need for an external power source or any additional audio cables. Easy to install and manage through the system’s full-featured software, DIALOG 20 USB also comes pre-integrated with P-Link native connectivity for power, audio, and control data with ClearOne’s CONVERGE® Pro 2 DSP mixers. Industry standard connections include USB-C audio, professional XLR and 1/4-inch TRS balanced audio outputs. USB connectivity and low latency make this the perfect wireless microphone for cloud-based collaboration with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, WebEx, GoToMeeting, and others.

The receiver has a large color LCD for viewing battery life, received signal strength, and programmable microphone ID labeling. Sync the microphones to the receiver with a simple button press and the system will assign a random encryption key, scan the room for interference and select the best RF frequencies to operate automatically. Microphones can be powered with the included environmentally-friendly rechargeable NiMH AA batteries – charge via USB – or off the shelf AA alkaline batteries.

The compact, plenum-rated receiver can be mounted on a desktop, in a credenza, under a table, behind a video display, or even hidden above a ceiling.