ClearOne Makes Multi-Display Video Walls Even Easier to Build with New Crestron and AMX Control Modules

New VIEW® Lite control modules help to simplify integration and provide ready-made solutions for use with ClearOne AV-over-IP products.

On a mission to make integration as easy as the user experience it delivers in its wide range of user-friendly products, ClearOne (NASDAQ:CLRO), a leading global provider of audio and visual communication solutions, today announced the availability of VIEW® Lite control modules for Crestron and AMX control systems. 

The two new software modules make AV projects with multi-display video walls and other equipment even easier to deploy by dramatically decreasing the effort required to program the control system. Now, instead of reading through complicated API documentation and building a control module from scratch, integrators can use these new VIEW Lite control modules to save time and effort. Because the control modules implement all the required command interfaces for VIEW Lite, these modules enable integrators to focus on developing an attractive and intuitive GUI for users of the system. 

The new VIEW Lite control modules for Crestron and AMX provide a ready-made template for integration of equipment with ClearOne’s VIEW Lite Controller for AV-over-IP systems. Each of the software modules is implemented as a common core plus a helper component to provide video wall support. Both modules have the ability to interrogate the VIEW Lite hardware they control to discover its configuration. They also both support 2-way feedback for video layout switching. In addition, the software package includes a sample GUI that illustrates how to use the control modules. 

More information about the new VIEW Lite control modules for Crestron and AMX, as well as the Apple iOS control app for smaller scale projects, can be obtained from the ClearOne web site at