ClearOne COLLABORATE Space Cloud-Based Video Conferencing Automates Workflows with Zapier Integration

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ClearOne’s (NASDAQ:CLRO) COLLABORATE® Space, integrated with Zapier, automates business tasks with many popular cloud-based applications, allowing users to focus on the business at hand rather than logistics. 

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COLLABORATE Space paired with Zapier can manage storage on video or file-hosting applications such as YouTube®, Vimeo®, OneDrive®, Dropbox®, and Box.

Also, with Zapier integration, communications can be automated for COLLABORATE Space users through popular social media apps such as FacebookTM, Twitter®, Instagram®, and LinkedIn; or other cloud-based communication and project-management tools like Gmail®, Office 365®, Trello®, Live Chat®, Zoho®, and SalesForce®. 

ClearOne’s COLLABORATE Space is a powerful cloud-based video conferencing application with a full suite of audio, video, and meeting tools in a persistent space.

To download your free version of COLLABORATE  Space with unlimited video meeting time, click here