Clare Controls Issues Software Update to Integrate Control4 Systems, Smart Garage Doors and Thermostats

Screen Shot 2020-12-10 at 11.28.33 AM.png

Clare Controls, maker of the powerful ClareOne wireless security and smart home automation systems and an exclusive brand of SnapAV, today released a ClareOne v1.2.3/9.1.2 software update that adds new drivers for select smart garage doors and climate control solutions, enhances and simplifies partners’ remote access and control capabilities and provides a robust Control4 driver update that simplifies security integration with the ClareOne platform.

According to Clint Choate, SnapAV Senior Director, Security Market, the company has also added new wired and wireless security solutions and updated the ClareHome iOS and Android user apps with improvements to the music and thermostat applets.

“This Q4 2020 ClareOne software update broadens the capabilities and strengths of the system, providing SnapAV partners with a powerful bridge between security and control that makes system expansions and retrofits easier than ever,” Choate said. “The new security functions within Control4 systems, combined with FusionPro enhancements that enable remote access to ClareOne history events and remote editing of schedules and smart home actions, adds significant value for existing ClareOne users, new buyers and installation partners.”

Available on all existing ClareOne systems, and advertised through a pop-up on ClareOne panels, the software update delivers immediate compatibility with Genie Aladdin Connect and Overhead Door – OHD Anywhere garage door controllers, and provides seamless integration with thermostats including Ecobee’s 5, 4 and 3 models and Honeywell’s VisionPro, FocusPro, Wi-Fi Color and RedLINK Hub models.

Garage door openers from Overhead Door and Genie are position-aware and provide both audible and visual warnings prior to remotely activating garage door movement. The new driver allows ClareHome users to control their garage door from the ClareHome mobile application. Users can control and determine door status based on ClareHome smart icons on the favorites page, and can create scenes, schedules and automations within the app.

The Fusion Pro Enhancements provide partners with greater system control through backend programming. Partner-focused updates include configuration support for OvrC, enhanced service event history for security events, the ability to remotely add and configure smart home actions and climate events for clients, and access to create, add and activate sub-branches within a partner’s Fusion Pro account.

Meanwhile, the new Control4 integration capabilities make it easy to incorporate ClareOne panels and systems into a Control4 system, including 2-way security controls and metadata feedback for panel states. In fact, integration can be completed in as little as 4 to 5 minutes thanks to auto-populated security zones, simple connections and no need for additional serial components.

Through the new Control4 driver, support is now offered for Instant Stay, Auto Bypassing, Secure Arming and auto-import of real-time status. The new Control4 T4 touchscreens are now compatible as well. These updates simplify controlling alarm systems, including disabling zones or monitoring sensors, as well as some core smart home functions such as occupancy and lighting automation with scene control based on whether a user is home or away. 

In coordination with the software update, Clare Controls also launched two new hardware products: a Hardwired Input Module that allows hardwired zone additions and takeover of existing hardwired devices, and a Wireless Recessed Door/Window Sensor that provides a flush-mount intrusion sensor solution.

For a full description of all new driver functions, feature updates and bug fixes, see Clare Controls’ blog post here, which includes links to detailed release notes, list of compatible SKUs and user guides for each software update discussed here.