Chaos Jump Lands At Chicago’s Accelerate Indoor Speedway & Events!

Announcement made on the show floor of IAAPA 2018 at Booth #E7251

Minority Media today announced that Autobahn Indoor Speedway recently installed its groundbreaking multiplayer VR arcade machine, featuring the Chaos Jump title, at its Chicago Accelerate Indoor Speedway & Events location, and will install a second machine at its Jacksonville, Florida location in November. According to Autobahn Indoor Speedway Managing Partner David Larson, go-kart facilities are a perfect environment for Chaos Jump, where it can generate additional revenues and impress guests by providing a cutting-edge multiplayer virtual reality experience.

The announcement of the new installation was made at IAAPA 2018 in Orlando, Florida where Minority Media is exhibiting and demonstrating the groundbreaking multiplayer VR arcade machine and Chaos Jump game, as well as its forthcoming new game title Reclaim, at Booth #E7251 in the Orange County Convention Center.

“We’ve been looking at the VR market for a long time now, and we like the model offered by Minority Media,” Larson said. “We definitely want to be on the cutting edge and offer our guests new, exciting gaming experiences, but only when we’re sure it is a good business decision. Compared to competing solutions, Minority Media’s machine has much greater curb appeal to draw in players, it requires less floor space, the games are very well produced and fun, and it’s more affordable to install.” 

According to Larson, the Accelerate Indoor Speedway & Events installation also features a groundbreaking payment system that links the venue’s cashier system directly with the Chaos Jump server. The installation also features an integrated 5th headphone microphone that enables the operator to communicate directly with all four players during the ongoing game.

Chaos Jump is a VR adventure! A party of up to 4 adventurers battle a robot army determined to stop them as they travel across space and time to retrieve gold, treasure, and artifacts from 18 exotic worlds. Players are equipped with cool laser blasters to fight off the robot attackers, and vacuum guns to collect the gold and artifacts, with everything scored and displayed in real-time. Players can choose one of 10 avatars from the virtual world and a randomizer selects from among 18 worlds for them to play in. Winners are announced after each 6.5-minute game and scores are highlighted on the large exterior  displays. Leaderboards are essential for groups renting the game system for private events.

The revolutionary virtual reality gaming platform that plays Chaos Jump offers high-definition competitive gameplay for up to four players while requiring just a 12’ by 12’ space and a single 20-amp outlet to operate. The system includes four top-of-the-line Vive PRO VR headsets with headphones and four fun, futuristic VR blasters for a totally immersive and unforgettable experience!

“Go-kart facilities are often large and have ample floor space, so adding a low-cost, small-footprint attraction makes good business sense,” Larson added. “As an add-on attraction, it won’t detract from our core business sales. It will encourage guests to spend more, especially since we will be the first to offer Chaos Jump in two of the largest markets in the United States. We are excited to see how our guests react and appreciate this brand new interactive, competitive virtual reality experience.”

Minority Media’s advanced technology puts the world’s most immersive virtual reality competition squarely in the sights of proprietors of theme parks, cruise ships, resorts, go kart centers, and other attraction complexes. The platform’s benefits include the smallest footprint of any VR experience in North America, industry-leading signage and curb appeal, and one of the industry’s only truly competitive VR games that keeps players coming back for more.

According to Minority Media Founder Vander Caballero, any business where guests experience down time between activities is an ideal location for Chaos Jump to provide additional revenue and guest enjoyment.

“Go-kart centers are a perfect fit, where guests come specifically to experience thrilling, heart-pounding attractions that push the limits of technology and friendly competition,” Caballero said. “Chaos Jump is the ultimate add-on attraction that gets players in and out in just 6.5 minutes, offering fast turnover, huge replay value and high potential for profitability.”

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