Chaos Jump Brings Virtual Reality Fun To Families At Pennsylvania’s Camelback Lodge

Smallest multiplayer VR game system in its class (12’x12’ ft/144 ft2) adds four-player cooperative gaming to resort, offering increased revenue potential, simple operation and future upgradability.

Minority Media today announced that Family Entertainment Group (FEG), a leading U.S.-based provider of game room design, development, consulting and operations, has installed Minority Media’s groundbreaking multiplayer virtual reality (VR) arcade machine featuring the Chaos Jump title at Camelback Lodge in Pennsylvania.

According to Anthony Kowalczyk, FEG’s General Manager at Camelback Lodge, Chaos Jump is the most attractive, crowd-engaging VR attraction on the market today, and holds greater revenue opportunities than competitors.

“Anybody over the age of 7 can play, so it’s attractive for every family, and the cooperative and competitive elements that encourage repeat plays are a major advantage,” Kowalczyk noted. “It’s been so well received that mothers and fathers are often as excited as their kids, leaving everyone eager to play again. Part of that momentum lies in the affordable cost and 6.5 minute gameplay, which we think is a great standard that enables higher turnover and greater reach. It engages more participants per space, labor and time than many other attractions, including competing VR experiences.”

Kowalczyk added, “Combining an attractive, engaging physical unit with contagious, competitive games will demand repeat plays and even encourage repeat visits by families. We’ve already witnessed crowds gathering around the Chaos Jump game, and people taking videos to share, so we are confident it will generate a great return.”

FEG manages and operates all of the indoor attractions at Camelback Lodge, as well as at more than 50 other family entertainment centers, lodges and resorts across the United States. The company regularly introduces new attractions that promise new guest experiences, offer high revenue generation and encourage repeat plays. One great feature of Minority Media’s VR platform and game is that it’s accessible for everyone, without height or weight requirements.

“Our goal is always to provide guests with the latest and greatest technologies and amusement attractions,” Kowalczyk said. “Minority Media’s VR arcade machine is a great choice for family recreation centers and amusement parks for several reasons, starting with its curb appeal and spectator mode.    

“The unit’s design, lighting and screens that show live game feeds attract guests from hundreds of feet away, as well as keeping people excited and engaged while waiting in line. The small footprint, four-player design and ability to operate with a single employee are all huge benefits as well, reducing costs while offering higher revenue-per-square-foot potential.”

Chaos Jump is a family-friendly VR adventure where a party of up to four battle a robot army determined to stop them as they travel across space and time to retrieve gold, treasure, and artifacts from 18 exotic worlds!

Players are equipped with cool laser blasters to fight off robot attackers, and vacuum guns to collect the gold and artifacts, with everything scored and displayed in real-time, both in the game and to spectators.

Players can pick one of 10 avatars from the virtual world and a randomizer selects from among 18 worlds for them to play in. Winners are announced after each 6.5-minute game and scores are highlighted on the large exterior displays. Leaderboards are essential for groups renting the game system for private events.

According to Minority Media Founder Vander Caballero, family entertainment centers and resorts like Camelback Lodge are ideal environments for small-footprint, high-revenue VR attractions.

“FEG’s decision to add our VR arcade machine and Chaos Jump game at Camelback Lodge speaks volumes about the industry’s direction with regard to VR,” Caballero explained. “The defining characteristics of Minority Media’s VR experiences, from length of play to competitive cooperation to the ability to upgrade with future game titles, set it apart from other attractions.”

The revolutionary virtual reality gaming platform that plays Chaos Jump offers high-definition competitive gameplay for up to four players while requiring just a 12’ by 12’ space and a single 20-amp outlet to operate. The system includes four top-of-the-line Vive PRO VR headsets with headphones and four fun, futuristic VR blasters for a totally immersive and unforgettable experience! The platform also offers upgradability, with future games currently in development, giving site operators a great way to refresh attractions without any physical requirements, installations or additional labor.

“My view is that VR will provide next-level entertainment by creating a surreal experience that cannot be recreated anywhere else,” Kowalczyk concluded.

Camelback Lodge is a year-round family resort that offers indoor and outdoor waterparks, indoor mini-golf, an indoor climbing wall, mini bowling, 120 classic arcade games, an indoor rope course, a bowling attraction and skiing and snow tubing in the winter.

Minority Media is officially launching Chaos Jump at IAAPA 2018 in Orlando, Florida from November 13-16, where attendees can experience it at booth E7251. The company will treat IAAPA 2018 attendees to a sneak preview of its upcoming title, Reclaim, set to launch in Q1 2019.

To schedule a Chaos Jump demo at IAAPA 2018, please email Bob Griffin at