Canada’s Three Busiest Airports Deliver a Unanimous Verdict: NanoLumens® Nixel Series™ Displays Significantly Enhance the Travel Experience!

Nine unique NanoLumens® Nixel Series™ LED displays installed in just over two years point to the future of major transit centers. 

NanoLumens®, the industry-leading manufacturer and innovator of LED display visualization solutions, today announced it has recently completed the installation of nine custom-designed Nixel Series™ LED displays in Canada’s three busiest airports. The installations at Toronto Pearson International Airport, Vancouver International Airport and Montreal’s Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport strengthen the company’s position as a top-tier provider of large and innovative information displays that are increasingly needed in modern transit hubs, according to NanoLumens Vice President of Sales Almir DeCarvahlo.

“As air travel continues to grow, airports are literally leading the way for their customers with high-impact LED displays that can be seen quickly and clearly from any area within a terminal,” DeCarvalho said. “NanoLumens has succeeded by bringing technological enhancements and creativity to the equation with our Nixel Series™ of displays that empower designers and architects to really think outside the square and 16X9 ratio rectangles of traditional digital displays, and instead create truly unique information centers that captivate as well as educate.”

Beginning in December 2014 with the installation of a double-sided 20’x4’ Nixel Series™ display at the Domestic and International Departure Gate at Montreal’s biggest airport, the company has developed a reputation for its bright, lightweight, long-lasting custom solutions. That legacy was strengthened in Montreal just four months later when two 360-degree “Halo” Nixel Series™ displays were installed at the U.S.A. Transborder Departure Gate, each measuring 24’x2’.

“Our vision is straightforward,” DeCarvalho continued. “We make brilliant LED displays that are lighter and brighter than competitors, easy to maintain and fix, come with six-year warranties and are custom-built to any size, shape, curvature and pixel pitch to satisfy any need and fit any location. Whether the situation requires a double-sided display hung from the ceiling, a 360-degree display that transforms unadorned columns into eye-catching attractions, or curved displays to fit a specific wall, we are prepared to help transportation centers increase passenger efficiency and simplify wayfinding.”

When Vancouver International Airport’s existing 10mm pixel pitch displays began to show their age, the Airport Authority followed Montreal’s lead and looked to NanoLumens for better solutions. Because NanoLumens products are thinner and lighter than competitors, the two new 2.5 mm pixel pitch NanoLumens displays at Vancouver’s International Arrival Customs Terminal and U.S.A. Transborder Departure areas did not require any additional structural support. They measure 32’x9’ and 22’x12’, respectively.

“First impressions count, and the customs terminal is the entry point for international passengers coming into Vancouver,” DeCarvalho explained. “The Vancouver Airport was very conscious about how an LED board should look. The NanoLumens display is very slender with a minimalistic design that looks really good in the installation environment, but, even more importantly, it delivers a jaw dropping, edge-to-edge and bezel-free ultra HD image that is mesmerizing.”

Then in December 2016, the latest addition to Toronto Pearson International Airport’s technology took the custom aspect a step further, combining architectural design with NanoLumens curved displays to create a passenger information center that is as artistic as it is functional.

Located in one of the busiest walkways of Terminal 1, The Flower comprises four LED-backlit ‘petals’ that arch up and out from the center, each outfitted with a 6’x12’ NanoLumens curved 5.4 mm pixel pitch display that matches the petal’s arch and provides a unique, immersive information display. The petals are made from translucent Corian®, with multi-colored LEDs inside each petal providing endless opportunity for daily customization and even patterns or color-changing capability.

Beneath the petals is a 360-degree NanoLumens “halo” display that wraps around the sculpture’s center column and is used to provide seasonal displays, terminal-specific info and advertisements. The halo display measures 26’ in circumference and utilizes NanoLumens’ 4mm pixel pitch LED technology.

“The verdict is unanimous,” DeCarvalho concluded. “When passengers have a bright, easy-to-read information display, it makes navigation simpler and improves the aesthetics of any large or busy space. And when designers and planners are given a blank slate, they can visualize artful technology installations that provide inspiration alongside information. We are excited to see more transportation hubs embrace these efficient technologies to empower their customers and provide new opportunities to advertisers, and we will be there every step of the way with innovative, creative solutions.” 

NanoLumens provides five of the top 10 global airports with the flexible and innovative display solutions they need to communicate to their air travelers. NanoLumens solutions can be found in the Sao Paulo, Brazil Airport, Darwin International Airport, Hartsfield-Jackson International, Vancouver International, Miami International Airport, Honolulu International Airport, Toronto Pearson International Airport, Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport, JFK International Airport, Stansted Airport, and Heathrow Airport, among others.