BYD Automotive Selects Dirac Research for True HiFi Audio in the New Generation Tang

Dirac Research, the global leader in digitally optimized sound solutions, today announced that China’s BYD Company Ltd., one of the world’s leading electric vehicle manufacturers, has implemented the Dirac Live room correction solution into the new generation Tang.

The Dirac Live automotive audio solution resolves the acoustical challenges and abnormalities produced within a car cabin as a result of both the suboptimal positioning of the loudspeakers and the various seating locations within the vehicle. Dirac Live targets the key quality problems that plague car cabins by optimizing impulse and frequency responses of the sound system to create a pristine, natural listening experience for drivers and passengers alike.

“Automobiles are very complicated environments for audio reproduction because of the various listening positions, each in close proximity to different speakers, which are often playing at different volumes or supplying different parts of the mix,” said Niklas Thorin, Dirac’s General Manager of High Performance Audio. “As a result, back seat passengers may hear certain notes or instruments louder or more clearly than the driver, or vice versa. However, thanks to our Dirac Live solution, these audio discrepancies, inconsistencies, and abnormalities will not be present in the new generation Tang.”

While Dirac Live has been leveraged by leading European automotive manufacturers such as Bentley, Rolls Royce, Volvo, and BMW, BYD is the first Chinese automotive company to adopt the breakthrough room correction solution. 

“Dirac and BYD are ideal collaborators, with each company operating on the cutting-edge of their respective industries,” continued Thorin. “As BYD pushes to bring mass-market electric vehicles to drivers throughout China and soon the world, we are excited to integrate our pioneering Dirac Live solution into the new generation Tang to provide customers with a sophisticated home theater-caliber audio experience within the confines of their car.”

The new generation Tang adopts BYD’s iconic Dragon Face design concept, featuring a big-mouth intake grille. It boasts aggressively-typed LED headlights, looking very futuristic. As for its drive, the new generation Tang is equipped with a full-engine-drive system consisting of GASOLINE, DUAL MODE(DM)and PURE ELECTRIC(EV) powertrains. In terms of size, the DM version measures 4870mm long, 1950mm wide and 1725mm tall. It also has a 2820mm wheelbase. Other key features present in the new generation Tang are 360-degree around-view system, 14.6/12.8-inch and 1080P intelligent rotatable suspension pad, panoramic sunroof and leather upholstery.

The new generation Tang comes equipped with a 7-speaker, 9-speaker or 12-speaker setup, depending on the specific model. In addition to improving audio performance, Dirac Live improves the audio consistency between vehicles and greatly reduces the time required for audio tuning. Specifically, Dirac’s audio tuning technologies reduced the new generation Tang tuning time to only one day, while competing processes can take several weeks.

“The in-car entertainment experience is becoming increasingly important, as home and mobile technology becomes more sophisticated and our lives become more connected,” stated a senior BYD representative. “The new generation Tang places an emphasis on entertainment, and specifically audio thanks to our collaboration with Dirac Research. With the Dirac Live-enabled the new generation Tang, we deliver our customers an audio-entertainment experience that matches its driving experience.”
After establishing a series of notable licensing agreements with leading Chinese mobile companies, such as Huawei, OPPO Electronics, Xiaomi, OnePlus, and Alcatel, this BYD deal indicates Dirac’s growing influence within China’s broader consumer technology market. In February 2018, Dirac opened a regional corporate headquarters in Shenzhen, China, to best meet the needs of its growing customer-base. For more information, visit For hi-res photography, click here.