Boise Centre Demonstrates the Power of Flexibility With a NanoLumens® Truly Curved LED Display

When Boise Centre approached its recent expansion, they wanted to show their 165,000 annual guests that flexibility is a good thing, whether that means more meeting options and professional services or literal, physical flexibility. So in addition to adding 36,000 square feet of new meeting spaces, they redesigned the main lobby and replaced what we all know as today’s standard venue advertising displays – a rectangular wall of rectangular TVs – with tomorrow’s standard – a new convex curved wall form-fitted with one huge NanoLumens® Nixel Series™ Truly Curved LED Display.

According to Chris Morrison, Audio Visual Manager for Boise Centre, “This renovation aimed to reinvigorate Boise Centre for the 21st century, and that meant considering the latest AV technologies to create greater impact and really ‘wow’ our visitors. With the inclusion of a new curved wall where our flat digital displays used to hang, we saw an opportunity to really blow people away with something they don’t see every day. Now instead of three 90” standard TVs combined showing a single image, TV bezels and all, we have a 15-foot ultrawide NanoLumens curved display that jumps out at you from every angle, with no bezels or seams to disrupt the visuals.”

In addition to the curvature requirement, Morrison explained that the reliability and ease-of-repair of NanoLumens displays played a major role in the purchase, in addition to the six-year warranty. After one of the three older 90-inch LCD displays failed, they realized it would cost as much to fix as to replace, and that expensive option could eventually lead them to a “this model out of manufacture” situation when they needed another replacement.

“We promote ourselves as Idaho’s premiere convention center, and we want to live up to that moniker through everything from our textiles to our technology,” Morrison added. “The NanoLumens display is as future-looking as it can be, and comes with an incredible 6-year warranty, simple front-accessible maintenance and segmented construction that will ensure a long life and low repair costs, plus it offers the ability to work with a variety of content management systems.”

Greg Bridges, Account Manager at local Boise integrator Neurilink, a frequent contractor for the Boise Centre, recommended the NanoLumens Truly Curved, front accessible display as the best option for this unique application.

“We got bids from the biggest names in large LED displays,” Bridges said, “and NanoLumens was the only manufacturer that could provide a display that could flex to fit a 20-degree convex curve. The other display makers also didn’t offer front-accessibility, which we recognize has a huge benefit over the lifetime of the display. Once Chris Morrison visited the NanoLumens showroom in Las Vegas, he saw the benefits for himself. It’s a display unlike any other.

The new 15’ wide by 4.5’ tall ultrawide Nixel Series™ display utilizes a 2.5 mm pixel pitch, has a total resolution of 1824×540 pixels and is viewable from up to 160 degrees off center. The secret to NanoLumens’ truly curved display technology is the patented Nixel™, the flexible building block that comprises all NanoLumens Nixel Series™ displays. This technology is flexible for both convex and concave curves and bends to conform to the display’s mounting surface or required curvature, creating a truly curved display with no gaps or seams. The end result is a better horizon view with no black lines or loss of visibility up to 160 degrees.

The display runs 24/7/365 and currently plays a promotional video about the Boise Centre, while also being used to project the names of visiting businesses or clients and personally welcome them. The Centre is producing additional graphics and animations with a professional content creator specifically for the NanoLumens display.

In addition to the added utility and perfect fit, NanoLumens displays best competitors by offering the industry’s best warranty, which covers every single pixel for six years. The displays are also very easy to maintain or repair, because of NanoLumens’ Nixel-based platform, where each large display is comprised of a number of smaller, flexible LED panels that fit together seamlessly, resulting in truly clear displays in any size, shape or curvature.

“NanoLumens is proud to have played an important role in helping the Boise Centre to upgrade its image for the 21st Century,” said Dave Merlino, NanoLumens’ VP Sales, U.S. West. “The ability to achieve every customer’s wildest dream is unique to NanoLumens, and this installation underscored this fact with our ability to imagine, design and install a beautiful truly curved, convex shaped LED visualization solution that is going to galvanize peoples’ attention as they walk through this amazing lobby.”