At Home, Work, and Play: Arkansas Professional Couple Keeps It All Running Smoothly With Their ELAN Control System

When you’re the founder and president of multiple successful companies – including one involved in industrial manufacturing – you understand the importance of control. That’s why, when it came time to outfit their 10,000 square foot main home, surrounding property, and 2,000 square foot pool house with an integrated whole-home AV and control system, this Jonesboro, Arkansas, couple turned to Ryan Heringer of Sound Concepts and the ELAN entertainment and control system.

However, what started as a standalone whole-home AV and control installation, quickly expanded to include their son’s house, their retail business, and eventually, their airplane hangar.  “We often see this with clients who own multiple properties,” said Heringer. “They experience the seamless whole-home control offered by ELAN in one property and decide to extend the system to every part of their lives. This installation is a classic example of the smart home trend.”

The couple’s first priority was the main home’s AV upgrade – clearly geared towards the entertainment enthusiast – which now includes six Samsung TVs ranging from 46” to 65”; 30 speakers and subwoofers embedded in the ceilings of every room in the house; a M700 Kaleidoscape Disc Vault that can store 48 terabytes of DVD and Blu-Ray videos on a central server; a top-of-the-line Quad Window HD Digital Video Processor that allows the couple to watch up to four programs on one screen on any TV in the house; and a downstairs media room outfitted with a JVC 3D projector, a 100” Dragonfly screen with a stylish black velvet frame, an Integra 9.2 Receiver, seven flush-mounted speakers, and one Sunfire subwoofer. 

“From the home office to an enclosed patio, breakfast room and art gallery, each room in this home is highly tailored to the design preferences of the couple– it’s no cookie-cutter McMansion,” said Heringer. “However, while the themed rooms make the home a design success, it’s the seamless integration of ELAN-controlled AV technology throughout every one of these themed rooms that makes the home a functional success. The his and her master bathrooms, closets, breakfast room, art gallery and sun room, to name a few, are all outfitted with in-ceiling speakers, while the laundry room and enclosed patio feature Samsung LED TVs and in-ceiling speakers.” 

To easily control it all, including the home’s HVAC, lighting, and security, the couple uses both the ELAN g! mobile device app and an arsenal of ELAN remotes and control panels, which includes thirteen HR2 handheld remotes, twelve wall-mounted ELAN touch panels and one tabletop touchscreen controller.

According to the homeowners, the idea that the pool house’s AV technology could be controlled by the same system as the main house was a substantial selling point for ELAN. “When Ryan explained that, with ELAN, the same app used to control our main home could also be used to control not just the outdoor lighting, pool settings, and speakers but also all technology within our pool house, we knew we found our control system,” the homeowner explained. “If I’m in my office late at night, and I see out the window that the pool house’s lights were left on, I can turn them off using my ELAN app; prior to going to bed, I scan my ELAN app to ensure all lights are off, the security system is engaged, the saltwater fish tank’s settings are stable, the garage doors are closed, and the thermostats are set at my desired temperatures. ELAN provides me with the control I need to ensure my home is in order both while I’m home and while on the road.”

The next step in this evolving ELAN installation was the son’s home. “After experiencing all that ELAN offers in our home, our son decided to install an ELAN system in his recently purchased home,” continued the homeowner. “The ease-of-installation, the complete control over his entertainment system, and its affordability, all made an ELAN installation an easy decision.”

Once the homeowner launched a downtown retail business, the decision to equip the space with an AV system controlled by ELAN was, once again, another easy decision. “While at the store, I’m able to control the lighting, audio, and televisions with my ELAN mobile app or wall-mounted control panel. While away from the store – at home, at my other businesses, or traveling – I’m able use the ELAN security platform to monitor the store.”

The last piece of the control puzzle is still being put into place — the installation of an ELAN system in the couple’s airplane hangar. When complete, the ELAN system will control the hangar’s four-camera security, DVR, and alarm system, its television, indoor and outdoor surround sound, garage doors, automated door locks, HVAC, and lighting. “By outfitting their hangar with an AV system controlled by ELAN, the couple now has both a secure location to store their planes and a place to host parties and events,” emphasized Heringer. “Whether it be their main house, pool house, son’s house, retail storefront, or airplane hangar, this Jonesboro couple appreciates all that’s offered by an ELAN-controlled smart home. And while my recommendation guided their initial decision to choose ELAN, its expansion to their other properties is a true testament to the performance of the ELAN system itself.”

To download additional photography, click here. All photography is courtesy of Jennifer Barakat.