APG Displays Spins off APG Rentals as a Separate Business Unit to Better Meet the Needs of its Expanding Customer Base

Underscoring its rapid success in the rental and staging market, APG Displays, North America’s leading integrator of videowalls, today announced the introduction of APG Rentals, a new and independent business that is exclusively dedicated to high-end video for the rental and staging industry. According to APG Displays President David Weatherhead, the company’s rental sales have increased so significantly that it has outgrown its position as a category, prompting the need to launch a separate unit.

“We are committed to serving our expanding base of rental customers in a focused and dedicated way. That’s why we have decided to separate our rental and sales categories into two distinct businesses,” Weatherhead explained. “APG Rentals will now operate independently from APG Displays, servicing from both the Toronto and Orlando office locations with its own staff that is trained and experienced exclusively on the unique needs of rental customers.”

APG Rentals employs a tailored sales and technical services force that specializes in designing, implementing, and installing temporary videowall and ultra-large format display applications. The new company also offers programs specifically geared toward its rental customers. “With our new dedicated programs and experienced rental salesforce, we will be able to achieve a new level of personalization for our customers,” Weatherhead said. “We have already established ourselves as experts in the videowall rental field, and APG Rentals will help us to create an unparalleled customer experience that takes us and our partners to the next level.”

Over the past few years, APG Displays has revolutionized the rental industry with several high-profile installations. For two consecutive years, they installed the largest temporary LCD videowall ever constructed in North America for Bell Media/CTV’s “Upfront”, which was performed live in front of a studio audience. Additionally, in 2015, APG Displays collaborated with the Toronto Pan Am games to incorporate two show-stopping videowalls into Ontario’s Harbourfront “celebration zone” venue. And, according to Weatherhead, there are many more projects to come.

“Videowalls have already become a centerpiece for live events in every major category,” Weatherhead emphasized. “As more live event producers realize the potential that large displays possess, compared to other technologies, to captivate an audience and create a stunning and dynamic showcase, the demand for videowalls will continue to increase.”

For more information about APG Rentals, visit http://www.apgrents.com/.