America’s Biggest Professional Football Event Will Depend on Gefen for Robust and Reliable Game-Day Video Distribution

Gefen by Core Brands, the leader in audio/video signal processing solutions for commercial applications, today announced that stadium technology specialist WBL Services is relying on Gefen equipment to support the complex and sophisticated on-site video distribution required for America’s biggest, most highly watched professional football game taking place in Houston, Texas on Sunday, February 5th.

“Gefen equipment was chosen for stadium-wide game-day video distribution because of its proven reliability,” said WBL Services President Bill Lipscomb. “This makes Gefen the natural choice for such a critically important application in this globally televised football event. We’re using a Gefen Pro 32×32 HDMI Matrix as the central hub in our control center for video distribution throughout the stadium.”

During the game, the Gefen 32×32 Matrix will convert camera video footage into HDMI and distribute it to multiple displays. The product uses HDbaseT technology to extend signals up to 330 feet. “Although I cannot disclose the exact location and function of Gefen’s role, I can say that it is absolutely vital to ensuring that the event and the broadcast run smoothly,” Lipscomb said. “Gefen video distribution is guaranteed to deliver the flawless performance required for this big game.”

According to Aaron Hernandez, Core Brands Sales Director, Pro Distribution, Gefen is proud to contribute to a sporting event that has truly become a staple of American culture. “With a sporting event that is expected to be broadcast to well over 100 million viewers world-wide, it’s vital that the products used on-site be robust and bullet-proof reliable,” he said. “We know that Gefen more than meets both of these critically important criterion.”