Advanced Education Partners with Veative to Bring Complete Virtual Reality Solutions to Canadian Schools

Continuing its promise to place innovative teaching and learning technologies into K-12 classrooms, Advanced Education today announced that it has been named the Canadian distributor for Veative’s educational virtual reality solutions.

“Veative is a VR-focused education company that creates innovative VR curriculums, at an affordable price point, to transform how students are learning,” said Advanced Executive Vice President Mark McPherson. “Veative is the first content provider in the space to develop an affordable and practical virtual reality solution for schools. It combines immersive and interactive education modules with plug-and-play virtual reality headsets and controllers. We are proud to bring their innovative technology to more K-12 schools in Canada than ever before!” 

Veative is a global provider of education technology and learning simulations for schools and industries, using immersive technologies such as 3D, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality. Curating an ever-growing STEM library — currently with over 450 modules —Veative works to engage students with concepts. 

“Everyone is talking about VR right now, and many are worried that this is a fad. But we strive to show the importance of having this tool in the classroom, which allows focused attention on topics, and is a valuable part of the learning process. With learning modules mapped to the curriculum, we can deliver a powerful VR solution for K-12 schools that will engage students with concepts, closing the gap between knowledge and understanding,” Dave Dolan, Veative’s Director of Product Management, noted. “Advanced Education is the perfect partner for us to bring our solutions, with modules in both English and French, to Canada’s classrooms. We know that our partnership will be successful based on their impressive track record in introducing new edtech solutions to K-12 classrooms across Canada.”

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