Advanced Education Partners with EZ-Robot to Bring AI-Enhanced Learning to K-12 Classrooms

The company’s new “Education Bundles” introduce educators to the most innovative robotics platform on the market today.

Furthering its commitment to introduce and support the integration of innovative technology into K-12 classrooms, Advanced Education today announced that it has been named an authorized provider for EZ-Robot and its Revolution Robot Kits, a groundbreaking new platform that encourages students to build and program their own robots. The appointment, which encompasses the entire suite of EZ-Robot products, also includes the introduction of Advanced Education’s “Educational Bundles” that equip administrators with all the components they need to fully utilize the platform.

“Virtually every school district is implementing a robotics program or curriculum, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are satisfied with what’s available today. The EZ-Robot platform is simple enough to meet the needs of today’s early learners, but powerful enough to ‘scale up’ for those educators looking for a more advanced curriculum,” Advanced Education Executive Vice President Mark McPherson said today. “EZ-Robot is redefining how students interact with technology. It takes the most up-and-coming technologies in the industry – like vision tracking and learning, mobile apps, speech recognition, artificial intelligence, 3D printing and more – and makes them accessible for students to experiment with. We are proud to help bring this technology to schools throughout Canada.” 

To facilitate the needs of today’s school robotics programs and to accommodate curriculum requirements, Advanced Education has introduced its new “Education Bundles,” which include three robots, a variety of connectors and adaptors, spare servos, and an ultra-sonic distance sensor. “It may seem daunting for schools to experiment with new technology that requires a significant amount of equipment,” McPherson commented, “but our ‘Education Bundles’ are designed to minimize cost and maximize efficiency. We want to make it easy for both students and educators to utilize the tools available to them today.”

The EZ Robot Revolution platform features simple clip’n’play robot building blocks – called EZ-Bits – that are user-controlled, or autonomously programmed, over a WiFi connection from a student’s PC or mobile device. Each EZ-Robot includes built-in cameras and speakers that can support GPS, ultra-sonic distance sensors, infrared sensors, and augmented reality glasses. 

Once assembled, an EZ-Robot enables the implementation of cutting-edge technological features such as vision tracking and learning, mobile apps, speech recognition, artificial intelligence, 3D printing, and hundreds more. Each EZ-Robot can be programmed by new users with the visual interface, or through traditional real-world programming using C++, C# and Visual Basic. Additionally, students can download the EZ-Robots’ free software on their home computer to allow them to work on their robot projects at home. All EZ-Robots be controlled with Wii remotes, Xbox 360 controllers, joysticks, Android and iPhones, tablets, computers, augmented reality glasses, or by voice. 

For more information on pricing, contact Advanced Education or visit their website. For hi-res images, click here.