Advanced Education Partners with Dremel to Distribute 3D Printers to K12 Schools

Underscoring its efforts to introduce and support the integration of cutting-edge technology into K12 classrooms, Advanced Education today announced that it has been named a Canadian distributor of Dremel’s 3D printers. The new partnership, which will help to take learning to the next level in Canadian classrooms, includes two models of Dremel 3D printers, as well as training bundles that help teachers to integrate the 3D printers into their curricula as seamlessly as possible.

“We are excited to help make 3D printing accessible to K12 classrooms across Canada through this partnership,” said Advanced President David Weatherhead. “3D printing has a wide range of applications in education, including lessons in math, science, art, and beyond. 3D printing facilitates experiential learning, and allows students to learn by creating, exploring and solving problems in new, unparalleled ways.”

Advanced Education and Dremel’s partnership includes two models, the Dremel 3D Idea Builder 3D20-03 and the Dremel 3D Idea Builder 3D40-EDU. The Dremel 3D Idea Builder 3D20-03 makes it easy to build objects with on-board software and a color touchscreen, allowing teachers and students to preview each model before building. This model also comes equipped with a pre-installed extruder, unlike other 3D printers, making the setup as simple as plugging in the printer.

Additionally, the Dremel 3D Idea Builder 3D40-EDU has expanded build capability to take on more projects. This model also features WiFi connectivity along with a new Dremel app for Android and iOS smartphones that allows for mobile interaction. The pre-loaded models on the app allow students to print, monitor progress, and assign new users to the printer. Both models are easy-to-use and come with cutting-edge software.

Advanced Education also offers a program to train educators on using these printers and integrating them into their lesson plans. Training comes as part of the company’s exclusive educational bundles, which include a curriculum pack with 30 print-ready curriculum-based model files, access to professional development courses, and a one-year warranty. Teachers and administrators are also welcome to Advanced’s Interactive Experience Center to train.

“This technology opens up a new world of creative possibilities, giving students the ability to design something uniquely their own through the endless personalization and customization flexibility the printers allow for,” Weatherhead added. “That level of creativity will allow students to more deeply engage in the learning experience.”

Written by actual teachers and subject matter experts, Dremel 3D curriculum-based lesson plans are aligned with most Canadian curriculum standards. These instructional guides will allow educators to get 3D printing integrated into classroom learning right out of the box. All of the specially designed lesson plans and their corresponding 3D model kits come saved on the printer’s SD card and can be saved to, and printed from, any computer.

For more information, visit Advanced Education’s website. For hi-res images, click here.