Advanced Absorbs APG Displays to Create a Dynamic New Videowall Division That Offers Full Integration Services

Newly formed Advanced Videowall Group serves as a “one-stop-shop” with both the power and scope of a large systems integrator and the knowledge of a specialized videowall provider.

After spinning off APG Displays’ rental business into APG Rentals in 2016 to provide a more dedicated rental service, Advanced, a leading North American systems integration firm, today announced that, effective immediately, all of its APG Displays sales and installation sectors will be integrated into a new division of Advanced, the Advanced Videowall Group. According to Advanced President David Weatherhead, the new division combines the breadth and capabilities of the company’s systems integration unit with APG Displays’ unique specialist videowall skill set. All APG Displays engineers, technicians, and sales executives will be brought into the new division.

“The Advanced Videowall Group brings a new type of business and a new level of expertise to the market — one that customers are asking for more and more every day,” Weatherhead said. “Clients are no longer looking to purchase a standalone videowall. They frequently ask for a full suite of integration services, with the addition of other AV elements, such as control systems. By combining Advanced’s large integration programs with the specialized expertise of APG Displays, the Advanced Videowall Group offers this entirely new package for our clients.”

Advanced has created some of the world’s most groundbreaking videowall solutions, such as the world’s first curved laser phosphor display videowall for GE Digital Energy, as well as the world’s highest resolution LED videowall in broadcast for CNN’s Washington, D.C. bureau. They have designed and installed videowalls into almost every type of application in the U.S. and Canada, and frequently partner with leading broadcast studio set designers, retail design and marketing agencies, interior designers, architects and professional AV consultants to assist in both facilitating client vision and ensuring a flawless client experience.

“The demand for videowalls is steadily growing. Digital displays are becoming the centerpiece for businesses, event venues, and broadcast studios across North America,” said Weatherhead. “This strategic combination of our resources will help us continue to provide the best quality videowall options for our customers. We will continue to be, and become even more of, a dominant force in this fast-paced market.”

For more information on Advanced Videowall Group, you can view their website here. For more information on APG Rentals, you can view their website here.