AdMobilize Partners with SmartLink to Make Vehicle Analytics Easier Than Ever for Out-of-Home Advertisers

New remotely-manageable unit will collect vehicle analytics data from static and digital road signage.

Furthering its commitment to provide the out-of-home advertising industry with easy-to-deploy vehicle analytics solutions, AdMobilize, the industry leading computer vision company that is dedicated to making sense of the physical world, today announced a new strategic partnership with SmartLink, the innovative manufacturer of remote management solutions. According to Michael Neel, Head of Marketing and Sales at AdMobilize, the two companies have collaborated to build and distribute a remotely-manageable standalone road signage unit for streamlined vehicle analytics data collection.

“This collaboration to develop a standalone vehicle analytics unit that’s completely remotely-manageable makes out-of-home advertising easier, and more effective than ever before,” Neel emphasized. “By combining our sophisticated vehicle analytics algorithms with SmartLink’s remote management and control platform, road signage can now, for the first time ever, both gather important vehicle analytics data while also being entirely remotely manageable and controllable, from anywhere in the world on nearly any device. It’s the perfect combination of sophisticated technology that’s simple to use and operate.”

AdMobilize and SmartLink’s new collaborative unit will contain all of the components needed to provide real time vehicle count and speed data for operators. The simple plug-and-play unit will be equipped with a SmartLink module for effective remote management and consistent, hassle-free data collection. What’s more, the unit will be compatible with static, as well as digital billboards. “Acquiring vehicle analytics from a static billboard was not feasible before this partnership,” Neel commented. “Now, advertisers can simply hook the unit up and start collecting data, even from the oldest billboard on the highway.”

“For over ten years, our tireless commitment to innovation has allowed SmartLink to establish itself as the industry-leader in remote management and control of out-of-home solutions – and this partnership with AdMobilize is just the most recent evidence of such,” stated Franklin Olive, SmartLink Vice President/ General Manager. “We’ve created a standalone vehicle analytics unit that will, for the first time ever, allow OOH operators to remotely manage the power via cellular for reboot; notify of loss of power and power restore; consolidate and manage cellular data plans utilizing our buying power with AT&T and Verizon; and design and build integration kits for end use.”

The SmartLink System has become the standard in monitoring and remote control for the out-of-home and property management industries. SmartLink centralizes all inventory, allowing users to view and manage their locations’ lighting and maintenance from any computer, tablet, or the SmartLink App. SmartLink maximizes savings potential, drastically reduces utility consumption, and reduces the time spent on solving issues. The system alerts users in real time to any maintenance issues that occur, allowing customers to respond in the proper manner.

The AdMobilize platform can, in real-time, track ad performance and customer engagement and capture various vehicle analytics such as count, detection zones, average speed, travel direction, and day/night modes. All captured vehicle analytics are then fed to a cloud based dashboard or API that allows end-users to assess results and performance, identify trends, and make any necessary adjustments to content. “The AdMobilize platform provides out-of-home advertisers with key information about the effect their advertisement is having on the road,” AdMobilize co-founder and CEO Rodolfo Saccoman said. “In partnership with SmartLink, we are simplifying and streamlining the management and collection of this data.”

SmartLink and AdMobilize will begin co-selling units to the out of home industry starting in June 2017. For hi-res photography, click here. For more on AdMobilize, visit For more on SmartLink, visit