AdMobilize CEO Rodolfo Saccoman to Present On-Floor DSE 2017 Workshop on Artificial Intelligence for Digital Screens

Anyone interested in learning how they can immediately begin to integrate Artificial Intelligence into their digital signage solutions should make it a point to attend AdMobilize CEO Rodolfo Saccoman’s on-floor DSE2017 workshop entitled “Boom! Artificial Intelligence for Digital Screens is Finally Here.”  The presentation will take place on Wednesday, March 29th at 2:45 P.M. at booth 1231.

“This is not some dreamy-eyed, pie-in-the-sky guess about what might be possible in the future,” Saccoman said today.  “This presentation is going to show designers, end-users, and advertisers precisely what can be achieved today with Artificial Intelligence.  It will completely demystify the complexities of integrating Artificial Intelligence with digital signage and discuss what specific companies are already doing with it.  I guarantee this presentation will open the eyes of our industry to a new business reality that is already revenue-generating for smart, forward-looking companies.”

Saccoman emphasized that the presentation has been designed to cover a broad range of subjects, including understanding the revenue opportunities the technology presents, the overall benefits of integrating machine intelligence into digital signage, the technical requirements to do so, and a practical step-by-step guide to getting started.  “Our goal is to present attendees with an overview and an action plan that is immediately practical to implement.”

To be sure, Saccoman emphasized, the presentation will not shy away from gazing into the future.  “No presentation on Artificial Intelligence would be complete without at least a peek into the future,” he teased.  “The presentation will conclude with a look at what we believe will become not just possible but practical over the next two years.  It will separate the myth from the reality of what Artificial Intelligence can do for our industry.”

“Boom! Artificial Intelligence for Digital Screens is Here” is ideal for end-users in the retail, restaurant, corporate, and education markets; advertising agencies and consultants; content creators; out-of-home network operators; content providers; and, of course, systems integrators and hardware manufacturers.

AdMobilize is recognized around the world as one of the most promising companies involved in revolutionizing the convergence of Artificial Intelligence with hardware and software.  The company provides the DOOH, OOH, and retail markets the most completely integrated hardware/software platform that includes audience measurement, facial detection and recognition, vehicle detection and recognition, gesture recognition, people counting, demographic analysis including age, gender, emotion, and dwell time.

For complete learning objectives and more details on the workshop, click here.