Addition of Voice Lift Technology Further Enhances Performance Capabilities of ClearOne’s BMA 360 Beamforming Microphone Array


ClearOne (NASDAQ: CLRO), a leading global provider of audio and visual communications solutions, today announced the addition of Voice Lift technology to its BMA 360 microphone, the world’s most technologically advanced ceiling tile beamforming mic array that delivers unrivaled audio performance and deployment ease. 

According to ClearOne Chair and CEO Zee Hakimoglu, the upgraded BMA 360 is now shipping to customers worldwide. “Voice Lift provides a powerful and simple way to drive multiple mix-minus speaker zones allowing everyone in the room to hear every word. ClearOne’s breakthrough technologies, FiBeam™ and DsBeam™, allow greater Voice Lift gains to be realized than have been previously possible.” The combination of ClearOne’s beamforming plus feedback cancellation technologies provide up to a 20 dB boost in gain before feedback compared to an omni mic.

Local amplification of a presenter’s voice easily enables local listeners at every corner of a large space to experience the same comfortable and intelligible audio level as someone sitting right next to the presenter. Voice Lift provides near-end users the same benefits of comfortable collaboration and clear audio as far-end users experience; all based on the BMA 360’s unrivaled technologies.

FiBeam technology makes the BMA 360 the world’s first truly wideband, frequency-invariant beamforming mic array that provides the ultimate in natural and full-fidelity sound. DsBeam, provides unparalleled sidelobe depth, below -40 dB, resulting in superior rejection of reverb and noise and providing superb clarity and intelligibility. These technologies enable a 12 dB increase in Voice Lift gain before feedback compared to an omni mic.

Voice Lift on the BMA 360 is further enhanced with the patented DARE™ Feedback Eliminator, found on ClearOne CONVERGE® Pro 2 DSP Mixers. This technology provides unsurpassed removal of feedback and ringing–giving an additional average boost of up to 8 dB to the total system gain. The amazing sound of FiBeam and DsBeam, combined with the superior CONVERGE Pro 2 Feedback Eliminator, creates the absolute best Voice Lift system provided by a ceiling mounted microphone array in the industry. Voice Lift can be configured on up to three BMA 360s per Converge.

The addition of Voice Lift rounds out the BMA 360 offering to include everything desired in a beamforming microphone array ceiling tile—superior beamformed audio, echo cancellation, noise cancellation, smart beam selection, power amplifiers, and camera-tracking. AV Practitioners benefit from the ClearOne architecture, which makes installation foolproof, and setup and configuration a breeze.  End users benefit from the reduced overall system cost for maximum ROI and unbeatable audio.

Each BMA 360 can have up to four Voice Lift zones to provide a simple and intuitive way to drive multiple speaker groups, allowing everyone to easily hear and be heard.  Built-in 4 channel power amplifiers make wiring simple, convenient, and provide big cost savings. ClearOne’s innovative combination of built-in power amplifiers and mix-minus zones makes the Voice Lift feature extremely simple to create and deploy.  The BMA 360, now with Voice Lift, sets another industry standard for exceptional mic pickup distance and system gain.

 To help ensure the very best possible design of a Voice Lift system, a Tech Note titled Voice Lift with the BMA 360 and a PAG/NAG calculator are available from The Tech Note, combined with the calculator, show how to properly design and setup a Voice Lift system using the BMA 360–helping to achieve the very best-sounding system possible.

Schedule a remote live demo to hear the BMA 360 for yourself.  Voice Lift is now available as a free software upgrade at  Learn more about the BMA 360 with Voice Lift here.