Access Networks Expands Outreach to the Commercial AV Market with Focused Business, Marketing, and Sales Initiatives

To meet the growing market demand from corporate, hospitality, education, and house-of-worship customers for reliable enterprise-grade networking solutions, Snap One today announced that Access Networks®, the premier enterprise-grade networking solutions provider for the modern environment, is expanding its outreach to the commercial AV market through focused business, marketing, and sales initiatives.

“Several factors are presenting greater opportunities for Partners to explore more commercial projects,” Snap One Vice President of Managed Services Bryce Nordstrand said today. “Corporations are calling employees back to the office, businesses are looking for ways to enhance cybersecurity, hospitality establishments are integrating new connected technologies to attract and retain patrons, and houses of worship are modernizing their facilities for greater engagement.

“With this expanded market focus, our goal is to help integrators build business in the commercial space by actively promoting our well-established line of high-performance, enterprise-grade networking systems as a foundational element of key commercial environments where secure, reliable, and fast connectivity is required,” Nordstrand explained. “Access Networks has been providing exceptional Wi-Fi experiences primarily to the residential market for many years. Now, we’re extending our reach to the commercial marketplace.”

Access Networks provides partners with a diverse portfolio of products and services that span project needs from simple to extremely complex. Their à la carte, enterprise-grade products help to create a reliable and secure network with Wi-Fi 6 access points, multi-gig switches, and Sophos® router/firewalls. The Access Networks selection of access points supplies peak performance with features like patented BeamFlex+ technology to create higher accuracy and further range in connectivity.

For partners that are looking for more assistance, the Access Networks team of certified networking engineers is available to provide network design, product pre-configuration, and even system monitoring after installation if necessary. From enterprise-grade hardware to a full suite of networking services, Access Networks has the connected solution for any size project.

According to Snap One Commercial Market Senior Director Scott Normand, the industry has evolved to a point where there’s no longer any meaningful difference between the networking needs and expectations of residential and commercial customers.

“Dealers who have been providing their residential customers with networking reliability, stability and performance can apply the same solutions to deliver exceptional connectivity to small- and medium-size businesses, hospitality venues, and houses of worship,” Normand emphasized. “There’s never been a better time for Partners to expand into commercial projects, and Access Networks’ enterprise-grade networking solutions, coupled with Snap One’s new focus on this sector of the systems integration industry, are geared to streamline the transition for our Partners.”

Facilitating Access Networks’ reach into the commercial sector is its dedication to industry-leading innovation. Access Networks was one of the first manufacturers to introduce a line of Wi-Fi 6 certified access points, integrate advanced cybersecurity software into its products, and launch a turnkey network configuration and system management program. Partners can now pass along these same performance benefits and services to commercial clients.

“Our products have always provided enterprise-level performance; the difference is, now we’re putting some energy behind it with commercial-focused sales and marketing initiatives,” Nordstrand concluded. “Together with Snap One, we are building a team of marketing, sales, and engineering experts to strengthen the presence of Access Networks and its dealers in the commercial marketplace. We have the right solutions, a knowledgeable team of IT experts, and a strong, sizable base of residential and commercial Partners to fuel a successful future in the commercial market.”