ABI Document Support Services Opens New North American Headquarters in Loma Linda, California

ABI Document Support Services (www.abidss.com), the industry leader in records retrieval and document management for the insurance and legal industries, today announced the opening of a new 25,096-square foot North American headquarters in the Corporate Business Center located at 10459 Mountain View Avenue, Suite E, Loma Linda, CA 92354.

“The move comes as ABI is experiencing significant sales growth,” said Steve Pylman, ABI’s Director of Human Resources. “The new headquarters will offer more space to better accommodate our growing staff.”

According to Pylman, ABI Document Support Services provides medical records retrieval for insurance companies and law firms nationwide. The company, which retrieves over 50,000 records monthly for its nationwide customer base, has offices located in Loma Linda, CA; Los Angeles, CA; San Diego, CA; Sacramento, CA; Las Vegas, NV; Phoenix, AZ; Springfield, MO; Garden City, NY; Tomball, TX; Sioux Falls, SD; Fullerton, CA; and Lake Mary, FL.

ABI Document Support Services was founded in Redlands, CA in 1981 by Alice Benge, California’s first licensed female private investigator. For over 35 years, the business has been based in Redlands, CA, operating at their most recent location, 2015 W. Park Avenue, for the past 24 years. Today, the business is run by David Benge, President, Executive VP and son of Alice Benge.

For more images of the new headquarters, click here. For more information, contact Leslee Detillo at (909)762-9448 or LDetillo@ABIdss.com.