ABI Document Support Services Named One of the ‘100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management’ by KMWorld Magazine

Confirming its status as a leader in document management solutions for retrieved records, ABI Document Support Services today announced that KMWorld Magazine has named it one of the “100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management” in the publication’s March edition.

“We are honored to be recognized by KMWorld Magazine, the leading publisher, conference organizer, and information provider serving the knowledge management, content management, and document management markets,” ABI President David Benge said today. “The nomination reaffirms our credibility in the IT industry, and demonstrates that we do indeed offer the best technology and the best processes for the document management of retrieved records.”

ABI’s record retrieval and document management tools help to eliminate the “record retrieval runaround” that has become synonymous with frustrating and time-consuming phone calls, emails, and faxes. With a complete suite of easy-to-use records management tools that allow users to place orders, track real time order statuses, view records, securely download records, make notes, and create summaries, ABI has, for the last 35 years, helped legal professionals save a considerable amount of time and money.

This month, ABI is introducing its next generation Document Management Platform – a comprehensive, easy-to-use records retrieval system that saves legal and claims professionals countless hours of time thanks to expedited online ordering, records retrieval, and document management features. The new Document Management Platform simplifies the records ordering process with faster access, a streamlined, pre-populated order form and superior order tracking.

“ABI has invested in the continuous innovation of the document management process for retrieved records,” Benge emphasized. “We are very proud to introduce our new and enhanced platform that continues our company’s tradition of streamlining a process that was once viewed as extremely tedious and time-consuming.”

“The banner of knowledge management spans a wealth of territory to encompass solutions that range in functionality from the tried-and-true to the futuristic. Those designated to this year’s list of KMWorld 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management run the gamut of capabilities, but share such similar characteristics as innovation, ingenuity, usefulness and resourcefulness,” says KMWorld Editor Sandra Haimila. “Moreover, the companies on this list create solutions that help their customers turn vast amounts of data into usable knowledge that they can leverage to enhance collaboration, gain insights and achieve their goals.”

ABI Document Support Services is the largest nationwide provider of records retrieval for the legal and insurance industries. Since 1981, ABI has developed technology and processes that significantly streamline the entire records retrieval process. In fact, ABI’s sole corporate focus is records retrieval. That focus, combined with ABI’s commitment to innovative records retrieval technology, allows the company to provide substantial cost and time savings for its customers, and has resulted in a 98% client retention rate. ABI’s integrated Claims/Legal Records Management tools continue to innovate and raise the bar for cost effective records retrieval, analysis and summarization.