ABI Document Support Services Calls Upon Lawyers & Claims Adjusters to Think ‘Paperless’ on Earth Day 2018

Addressing the widely held view that attorneys and claims adjusters print tens of thousands of sheets of paper per year, ABI Document Support Services is choosing Earth Day 2018 to urge industry professionals to reduce their carbon footprint by investing in digital records retrieval technology.  

“We understand that paper is not going away, but it’s up to the industry to invest in digital technologies that lessen the impact excessive paper use has on the environment,” ABI Senior Director of Operations Parviz Rezvani said today. “The traditional record retrieval process is fundamentally paper-based from start to finish. With the addition of resources like packing materials, storage locations, and fossil fuel transportation, unnecessary environmental costs mount.” 

According to Rezvani, paper files are in large supply for cases and claims, so it’s not uncommon for tens of thousands of paper documents to accumulate. The demand for this much paper has a negative impact on the environment. Any claims adjuster or law firm concerned with protecting the environment can utilize digital records retrieval to eliminate these wasteful practices from their operations.

In addition to helping the environment, business savings and security can be gained with digital or cloud-based record storage. This method not only reduces the cost and need for HIPPA-Compliant Disposal of paper documents, requiring locked receptacles and secure, on-site shredding services, but it also provides increased security by making records only available via encrypted access. 

While electronic records will replace paper eventually, the industry still has millions of pages that need to be converted to electronic files. Law firms and claims adjusters can help expedite this shift by ordering, receiving, and analyzing their records digitally. State and federal courts have recognized the need to cut back on paper consumption as well. Federal courts began accepting electronically filed documents as early as 2001 and have received over 500 million e-filed documents since launching its electronic case files platform.

Although paper is still prominent in the legal and claims industries, the demand for digital record retrieval and paperless analysis options has increased as document management solutions like eSummary by ABI™  leads the industry evolution toward secure digital document review, analysis and summarization.

“When an insurance company or their defense counsel require copies of the claimant’s records, they can rely on a service provider such as ABI to scan, deliver, and host those documents digitally,” Rezvani concluded. “In addition to streamlining operations, digitized records are delivered at a fraction of the cost and time when compared to paper files.”

In 2017, ABI scanned over ten million paper documents. 

Parviz Rezvani serves ABI as a Senior Director of Operations. He has more than 30 years of experience in the record retrieval industry and is an integral part of ABI’s transition from paper-based processing to a completely digital environment.