AAC Technologies Named One of Finland’s Best Places to Work for 2020

AAC Technologies Holdings Inc. (“AAC”), a leading designer and manufacturer of cutting-edge system solutions for mobile devices, has been named one of Finland’s Best Workplaces by Great Place to Work ®, the world’s largest research center on human resources.

According to David Plekenpol, AAC Chief Strategic Officer and Chairman of the American & European Region, the workplace award reflects the company’s devotion to culture, collaboration, innovation and pride in achievements throughout its global network of R&D centers.

“AAC’s Finnish optics team brings together the best people in different areas of camera design to make magic happen every day,” Plekenpol said. “Designing market- leading imaging solutions is truly a team exercise, from module design and project execution to image quality tuning and app development. Thanks to this remarkable group of imaging professionals, we set ambitious goals to push the boundaries of innovation and introduce technology to advance and enhance imaging user experience. Being named a 2020 Best Workplace is a testament to our ability to inspire, support and leverage top talent in Finland and beyond.”

AAC received recognition in the ‘small organizations’ category, which includes companies with 20-49 employees. The 2020 Great Place to Work survey involved 150 companies in Finland, employing a total of roughly 30,000 workers. When scoring each company, two-thirds of the points come directly from employee experience surveys (Trust Index © ), and one third are decided through a qualitative evaluation of the company’s management practices (Culture Audit © ).

“All of us at the AAC Finnish optics team take great pride in what we do, which is manifestly seen every day in our market-leading product development that’s made possible by a world class team of imaging professionals,” stated Johan Sand, PhD of Applied Optics at AAC. “However, to be recognized by the industry’s leading voice in human resources validates our investment in culture and demonstrates to the region that AAC is one of the hottest companies to work for.”

AAC optics, acoustics, haptics, and MEMS microphone solutions are used by leading mobile OEMs such as Amazon, Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo. In addition to AAC Technologies (Finland) Ltd., the company operates R&D centers in China, Denmark, Edinburgh, Hong Kong, Japan, Scotland, Singapore and the United States.

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