AAC Technologies and Dirac Research to Explore the ‘Future of Sound’ Across All Consumer Technology Categories at CES 2018

After two years of collaboration, the global audio pioneers are set to unveil a series of breakthrough product prototypes that demonstrate the now-possible audio experience available across all consumer technology product categories.

For the past two years, AAC Technologies, the global leader in micro-speakers, and Dirac Research, the global leader in digitally optimized sound solutions, have worked closely to build first-of-their-kind audio subsystems that integrate the world’s foremost audio processing technology with state-of-the-art micro-speaker technology. 

Next week, at CES 2018, the companies will unveil the first results of this collaboration: a series of ground-breaking product prototypes that deliver a new caliber of listening experience through a range of audio devices. 

The AAC-Dirac product prototypes available for demo at CES 2018 include a smart speaker, smartphones, an augmented reality headset, and an ultra-thin automotive speaker[i] – all of which are custom-configured with sophisticated AAC-Dirac audio subsystems.

The smart speaker and smartphone demos compare their audio performance against their corresponding market-available alternatives – thereby showcasing an impressive performance upgrade. 

The augmented reality headset demo will showcase a novel audio experience that, by positioning speakers just above the ears, produces immersive audio that effectively overlays the natural sound environment. The combination of advanced audio processing and high-performance micro-speaker arrays beam the sound to one’s ears and minimize the leakage to the surroundings. 

The automotive speaker demo will explore how ultra-thin speakers, capable of embedment in headrests, headliners, and other areas, can be used to create individual soundstages within the vehicle. All demos feature AAC’s new high-performance Super Linear Speaker.

“Milestone technology breakthroughs are often the result of collaboration between industry leaders, and our two-year relationship with AAC Technologies is an example of this,” stated Erik Rudolphi, Dirac’s GM of Mobile. “Rather than continue to design our audio processing algorithms and micro-speaker technologies in isolation, we set out to design our technologies collaboratively. The performance upgrade achieved is revelatory, and we look forward to showcasing to the world a new caliber of listening experience at CES 2018.”

AAC Technologies’ COO Jack Duan pointed to various emerging market trends and new product categories that place newfound importance on sound experience in small devices, and thus validate the need for a partnership that catalyzes radical innovation.

“While the markets have prioritized visual experience over the aural experience, an industry-wide shift is now underway. Audio is no longer a secondary feature – but rather the feature that differentiates an exceptional user experience from one that’s underwhelming,” said Mr. Duan. “Together with Dirac Research we look forward to providing the world’s leading consumer technology brands with the audio subsystems they require to create products that will revolutionize our world.” 

The AAC-Dirac product prototypes will be available for demo at CES 2018, from January 9 through 12, at Dirac’s Westgate Hotel Suite #630 and at AAC’s Renaissance Las Vegas Hotel Suite #1230 &1232. For more information, and to schedule a demo with Dirac, email Dan Griffin at dan@griffin360.com. For AAC Technologies, email Pheona Kan at pheonakan@aactechnologies.com.For hi-res photography, click here.