2GIG Security System Thwarts Break-In at Rural Wisconsin Café

Thrilled by the peace-of-mind and protection she received, the business owner expanded her security system to further discourage criminals and prevent future break-ins.

Small business owners face many challenges, but few can change an entrepreneur’s fortunes as swiftly as a break-in or theft due to inadequate security. Julie Kline, owner of Alma’s Café in Allenton, Wisconsin, recently learned the true value of security after her new 2GIG system helped thwart a break-in with an audible alarm and instant notification.

“Without our 2GIG security system, the thieves would have gotten in, and probably would have caused a lot more damage,” Kline said. “After this experience, I’d tell any small business owner that they have a security system, no matter where they are located or what their business is. It’s just about peace-of-mind, and knowing that your inventory is protected and that there is a strong deterrent for criminals.”

 According to local security and low-voltage integrator Steve Garritson of H&S Protection Systems, Inc., the cafe’s wireless security system uses a 2GIG GC2 control panel along with multiple 2GIG DW10 wireless door contacts and PIR1 infrared motion sensors. When unknown assailants attempted to pry open the café’s kitchen door overnight, the security system sounded, and also alerted Garritson immediately.

“This is an excellent example of 2GIG stopping criminals cold in their tracks, before they even get an opportunity to do major damage,” Garritson explained. “When the criminal tried to pry open the door, the 2GIG security system activated, turned on its audible siren and instantly notified us that there was a security issue. After receiving the call, Julie immediately went to the café, observed that the door was damaged, and called the police to come check the building.”

H&S installed the wireless 2GIG security system less than a year before the break-in. After the incident, Kline decided to further increase the property’s protection with a surveillance camera system that uses motion detectors to automatically begin recording motion clips.

 “Afterward, I thought maybe if we had a camera we could have caught the people who did this,” Kline added. “I’m thankful for the protection our 2GIG system provided, along with the help from H&S Protection and the fast response from our local police.”

Garritson notes that this type of incident is fairly common and is precisely what security systems are used to prevent and mitigate. “Even though it started with a crime, this is a happy story,” Garritson said. “I want every business owner to be protected and able to focus on their own success. Proper security protects assets, provides peace-of-mind and enables entrepreneurs to grow their businesses in spite of criminals’ efforts.

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