2GIG Rely Helps Texas Security Dealer Break into the DIY Market

For Dallas, Texas security integration firm FiveStar Protection, the 2GIG Rely affordable self-contained security system has quickly opened new markets for home security installations. According to the firm’s Owner and President Ashish Bhatia, many customers are looking for a security solution that offers do-it-yourself simplicity at a low price point while delivering the reliability for which 2GIG is known.

“The 2GIG Rely system provides great value and simplicity, both for installation and use,” Bhatia said. “My company now reaches new customers that are looking for lower cost or do-it-yourself solutions to protect their homes, and it’s business that I otherwise would have lost out on.

In addition to offering a low price point, the 2GIG Rely system is also helping the company expand its reach into more distant rural areas. “Selling Rely has brought in customers I was not able to service in the past,” Bhatia added, “especially in remote areas where I don’t have technicians, but have customers who are willing to do the installation themselves. Before shipping equipment to the customer, we program the panel, all devices associated with it. When they open the box, they’re good to go; the installation is simple. It’s a great value for the customer and for my business, because it is a premium product that provides peace of mind at a very affordable price.”

2GIG Rely allows homeowners and renters to connect up to 16 security sensors that include window and door sensors, cameras, and life safety devices such as smoke or carbon monoxide detectors. It supports up to eight users, so every occupant can have their own access code.

“Another great feature of 2GIG Rely is remote access for my company, so if a customer has a minor issue, we can log in to the system and immediately solve whatever problems arise,” Bhatia said. “After only one year we already have several hundred sales and happy Rely customers, and we look forward to providing even more families with top rate security at an affordable price.”

Through the included SmartLink mobile phone app, users can see step-by-step installation instructions, check the current status of the system, arm and disarm the system, and even watch live video feeds from connected security cameras. What’s more, the entire system is so easy to install (and uninstall) that the owners can even take it with them from one home or apartment to another. 2GIG Rely is wireless and expandable, so users can easily can add cameras or extra sensors at any time. The system’s main control panel can be wall mounted or used with its tabletop stand for ultimate flexibility.

FiveStar Protection has been providing professional-grade security solutions since 2012, and currently services more than 3,000 customers throughout the Dallas metro area.

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