2GIG Now Shipping Industry’s First Dual-Source Water Leak Detector

Further equipping security dealers with innovative solutions that redefine home safety for their customers, Nortek Security & Control (NSC) today announced that it is now shipping the new 2GIG Water Leak Detector™ – the first sensor to provide dual-source protection against water leaks and flooding.

“The Water Leak Detector is a ‘notification’ sensor, designed to give homeowners important information in advance of events,” said Nortek Security & Control Sr. Product Line Manager, Robert Wong. “Water damage is the number one residential insurance claim in the United States. This new sensor notifies homeowners in the first stages of a leak, allowing them to react quickly to resolve the problem.”

The patent-pending 2GIG Water Leak Detector adds peace-of-mind by alerting the homeowner of a leak before costly water damage or flooding has a chance to occur. The sensor, when placed under a water source, will send notifications to a homeowner’s smartphone or security panel if it detects either drips or pooled water. Transmitting wirelessly at 345MHz and compatible with 2GIG® and Honeywell® systems, the simple installation requires no tools.

Like the recently introduced Stove & Grill Guard™, the Water Leak Detector™ is part of the new 2GIG Notification Sensors line, which adds multiple unique touch points to the 2GIG system and allows dealers to personalize security system features, improving customer satisfaction and retention.  

“2GIG notification sensors provide timely warnings with an unparalleled level of customized notifications for end-users, which is truly changing how homeowners protect and manage their homes,” Wong concluded.

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